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Author Topic: Risk to Destroy a European Jewel of Culture+Nature near Strasbourg at Kolbsheim  (Read 6731 times)
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« on: September 10, 2018, 07:08:27 AM »


- An Attack has reportedly started, since 5 a.m. this Morning, with Gas, Helicopter, Armed and Masked Police/Gendarms, motor Vehicles, Threats, etc, against the Civilian People who desperately Try to Defend a splendid Natural Landscape at the Forest and Gardens of Kolbsheim Castle, near Strasbourg, that Globalist Multinational Corporation of "Vinci", (recently owned in Majority by Foreigners, such as ...Qatar, etc !), seek to Demolish, cutting all Trees, bringing in Bulldozers, etc, in order to build a ...Car Route, due to be used by Lorries etc., in the Wider Context of Multi-National Lorry Transports, through neighbouring Germany and France, which Risk to Destroy a real and unique "Jewel" of European Nature, Culture and History !

Indeed, the splendid, huge Gardens of Kolbsheim's Castle, with a unique overall View accross the Franco-German Borders, were specially Designed, since a Century ago, in relation also with a Project about Human Healthy, Intellectual and Spiritual Development, directly Linked with the Strong Impression and Feeling that such a unique and calm, pure Natural Landscape gives to any person who stays or leaves there, (an area Open to Visitors for free), to the point that it has already attracted a lot of various Philosophers, Writers, Painters, and other Artists, as well as numerous simple People, eager to have a Chance to stay amidst such a Wonderful Natural and Cultural Environment, that it immediately strikes, pleases and stimulates Human well-being and development of anyone who makes such an Experience, in the calm, on the spot.

But, right NOW, these very Moments, People are reportedly Struggling to Save that splendid Natural Landscape (owned by a Franco-German big Family, with a Long History accross Europe, who leaves the Gardens Open to all good-wishing Visitors, for years) from ...Bulldozers pushing to Cut Trees, Demolish installations, and brutally Impose, instead, the crossing of a Giant ...Car and Lorries' HighWay ("AutoRoute") !...

=> Whoever would like to Help them peacefully Save that unique "Jewell" of European Nature and Culture, should NOW, Urgently, either GO THERE, or, at least, ALERT various other People to Try to Do something in order to Prevent Irremediable Damages and/or Destruction, (by a Strange and Scandalous "Coincidence", at the Same Moment that the European Parliament's Plenary Session starts at neighbouring Strasbourg !)...

The popular Defenders of that unique Franco-German Nature, Culture and History "hotspot", denounce also the fact that imminent Threats and Attacks in order to Cut the Trees, Destroy that Forest, Demolish a Mill, and Impose a Polluting, Ugly and Noisy ...Car Route/Giant Highway, intervenes despite 7 Opposed Reports by various competent and independent Experts' Committees, Popular Consultations, etc., which had concluded Against that controversial project to Destroy such a Wonderful area, between the Rhine river and Vosges Mountains...

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