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Author Topic: No Turkey on 1180, nor 1919...  (Read 4652 times)
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« on: August 28, 2018, 01:08:23 AM »

Turkish President Erdogan reportedly Claimed that Turkey would "soon" Expand from a 1.071 Battle at Mazikert up to ... 2.071, i.e. during "1 Thousand Years" (sic !)...

But FACTS prove that it's Not True at all :

(1) First, at "Mazikert" or, rather, "Malazgirt", (un unpronouncable name), there was No "Victory", but merely a Division among various and Opposed fractions of the Byzantine Empire, part of which simply went away and left the others alone...

(2) The "Seljuks", who took Mazikert/Malazgirt came from Iran (Ancient Perse), and Spoke the ...Iranian (Persian) Language !

(3) Moreover, only 1 or 2 Centuries Later, the Seljuks were entirely Destroyed, by the Attacks of some kind of "Turkic" or "Turcoman" Tribes, (NOT yet "Turkish").

(4) "Osman", (i.e. those who became, Later-on, the Ottomans), came much Later-on, Starting, at First, only with a Tiny, Small Portion of Land, at Anatolia's Margins.

(5) Meanwhile, already on 1.180, (i.e. a Century after Mazikert : 1.071), almost All Anatolia plateau/Asia Minor was controled by the (Christian/Greek) Byzantine Empire !

(See relevant MAP, by "Wikipedia", etc).

(6) Even 720 Years Later, around 1.919 - 1.920, the situation is not better : F.ex., the Collapsing Ottomans accepted and signed the Historic "Treaty of Sevres", which had Left Only some Small Pieces of Land available to Turks (or Assimilated)...

Curiously, the 1.919 Map looks Similar to that of ....1.180 !

I.e., the "Turks" have Only a Small, Tiny Part of Anatolia/Asia Minor...

(7) As for the Repetition of the Number "71" (See Above), it Reminds the Fact that nowadays "Turkey" is a Conglomerate, a Patchwork, containing ...71 Different NATIONALITIES !

Indeed, it's a Remnant, a Residue of the Former, Medieval Ottoman Empire, whose Collapse and Decay was Stoped by the Opportunism of Stalin and Trotsky, back on 1921, in order to keep there something which would Bother and Disturb the Western Europe for ever....

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