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Author Topic: Average Income of Thieves and their Victims, (send to IMF)...  (Read 5843 times)
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« on: February 17, 2017, 01:47:18 PM »

In an EU Member Country accused to Waste too much Money for bloody Thieves, (Lackeys of a Dirty State Establishment which blocked productive private businesses and abandoned Poor or Impoverished People to starve), the Average "per capita Income" for Thieves and their Victims, (taken all together), is Lower than in other Countries, where there are not so many thieves, argued in substance its recently appointed Minister "for Labour, Social Security and Solidarity" (sic !), a representative of Turkish Lobby.

This ridiculous Pseudo- "Fact" was abused in order to claim that IMF's Head, Christine Lagarde, should not agree with her Experts who rightfuly criticize particularly those Castes of largely unworthy and/or unproductive "pals" scandalously appointed to cozy Civil Servants jobs since the early 1980ies by several Nepotist Governments of the Past, mainly "Socialist", etc, and, nowadays, have already started to ask (and obtain) even cozy and/or early Pensions for the next Decades, while most Other People are threatened to starve, suffer or even die from not treated illnesses provoked by years of forced deprivations and/or various harassments, ill-treatments, etc.

When, will, at last, Productivity and Justice, make an Alliance to Save European People from the Damaging Hypocrisy of Foreign Networks which undemine their Lives, Democracy and Human Rights, (Comp., f.ex., the recent Scandal of Turkish Spying Imams in Germany, etc) ?
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