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Author Topic: ISIS Shooters in Massacre of Civilians at Las Vegas? Why facts revealed so late?  (Read 4026 times)
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« on: October 15, 2017, 04:30:24 PM »


There was not only 1, but "Many Shooters" who cowardly targetted and killed the biggest ever number of Civilian People at Las Vegas (USA), which has been immediatedly revendicated by ISIS Islamist Terrorists.

News have just started to come out, apparently, since Yesterday Evening, - even if several observers (including mainstream Medias) had already wondered, and critically noted that the "Lone Wolf" hypothesis did not fit the facts...

(F.ex. : 23 Weapons were found in one Hotel Appartment, which was Big enough for Tens of individuals, gathered together, etc).

But, why all this Delay, until now ?

Is it because some were afraid of the consequences it might have, if the Truth had been unveiled BEFORE Today's ELECTIONS IN AUSTRIA ?...
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« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2017, 07:14:59 PM »

If you mean that : , it was published on October 11 already. And even if it seems to be, indeed, an interesting Las Vegas Police's document, (about the "Many Shooters" hypothesis) it's not absolutely clear : Investigations on concrete facts cited there, are needed.

As for the latest relevant news, one concerns, indeed, the unexpected death of an eyewitness who had published at the Web her clear belief that there were many shooters : This dates from Friday, October 13. But investigation is also needed there, (f.ex. about her death for alleged "natural reasons", the reason for which her testimony was reportedly erased from the web, after her death, etc).

It's true that even several mainstream Medias have already felt that Facts don't fit the official story about a "Lone wolf". But many Investigations are still necessary, in order to find, at last, the full truth about what really happened in this horrible, tragic story, where too many Human beings were atrociously  targetted and killed like rabbits...

As for your question about the Timing of revelations related to the "Austrian Elections", it cannot be excluded, at least partially, but the whole issue seems to be much more wide.
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