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Author Topic: London 2005 Bomber=Siddique Khan, 2016 Mayor=Sadiq Khan (Both Paki) - Why ?  (Read 11535 times)
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« on: August 07, 2017, 01:33:25 PM »


London : from Siddique Khan (Paki origin) 2005 chief Bomber, to Sadiq Khan (Paki origin) 2016 Mayor. - What happened ?...

The RingLeader of the Deadly July 2005 London Bomb Attacks by a Band of Islamist Extremists reportedly was Siddique Khan, of Pakistani origin.

But, 12 Years Later, on July 2017, the new London's Mayor is ...Sadiq Khan, also of Pakistani origin !          

What Happened ?

Is this just a simple, banal Coincidence, only due to Pure Hasard ?
(The Number of such "Coincidences" is obviously Impressive : First Names, Family Names, City, Origin, Period of Time, Stakes, etc)...

And what could be its Real Meaning (Message) ?

- Some might, perhaps, Claim that it would be "Better to have a Paki - Origin person as Mayor, instead of having him as Deadly Bomber" (sic !)...

*** But Many People find Scandalous and Revolting for Great Britain (and/or any other Independent and Sovereign, Democratic Country) to eventualy be Obliged (by Deadly Brutal Violence) to Yield to a macabre Blackmail, and Accept for its Capital to be Submited to the Power of a Governor (Mayor) belonging almost to the Same Foreign Lobby (and even having 90% the Same Name) as a former Islamist Terrorist ringleader !

+ Did we, at least, obtain More Peace, Calm and Safety in London, Nowadays ?

- Not at all !  On the Contrary : At least 3 Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks were launched Recently (2016-2017) in London, from British Museum's Russel Square, to Westminster Parliament and even at London Bridge itself... (See :,848.0.html)

=> Will such things go as far as the World Famous "Charlie Hebdo" Weekly Magazine's Frontpage had Warned, as it had been published exactly at the Date of that January 7, 2015 Paris' horrible Massacre of Critical Journalists by 3 ISIS-related Thugs ?

I.e. that (if things continue like this), even France's President will be, in Future, someone pushed by a Shady, abusive Foreign-origin Muslim Lobby on 2022 ?

Such a "Prophecy" figured, indeed, in that Fatal "Charlie Hebdo"'s 7 January 2015 Frontpage, dedicated to French Writer Houellebecq's New Book !

It Was Titled :  - "SUBMISSION"...
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