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Author Topic: Turkey meddling in Mecca, after Jerusalem and even EU affairs ! + What Else ?  (Read 4112 times)
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« on: July 31, 2017, 06:25:41 PM »

After attempting to Meddle in Europe's internal affairs, the notoriously Oppressive Turkish regime now Intervenes also in ...Jerusalem's and even ...Mecca's affairs !

Indeed, it recently multiplied manifold provocative Appeals around the way Jerusalem's Religious sites are securized against Violent Terrorism,  adding even Calls for Opposed Fractions from various Foreign Countries to Massively rush inside Jerusalem's heart, to the point that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu felt obliged to remind that the era of Former Ottoman Empire has gone, a Long Time ago, and point at notoriously aggravating massive Violations of Human Rights inside Turkey nowadays.

But, after Exploiting a rare opportunity to put Turkish Military and Heavy Tanks inside the Arab Peninsula, at Qatar, Ankara's regime (shortly after an Erdogan's visit there) now obviously pushed his Qatari "hostages" to ...provocatively Ask for Mecca's Muslim Religious area to be submitted to a kind of "International" status, Triggering immediately a Saudi Arabia's outcry against what they found to be a "Casus Beli" ultimatum, practicaly equivalent to a "Declaration of War" !...

Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordany, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab Countries had notoriously accused Qatar to recently back and fund Islamist Extremism and even Violent Terrorism abroad (something that even New USA President Trump also denounced), and Ankara immediately found an opportunity to push its Troops inside Doha (Q.).

So that, if Turkey's desiderata were fullfilled and methods applied, we might soon see ...Turkish Military Troops patrolling inside Jerusalem, but also at Mecca ; all kinds of Dissidents and Critics massively arrested, detained in Prisons and/or Prosecuted ; while Islamist Extremists and even Al-Queda or ISIS-like Deadly Thugs murdering Civllian People in full Impunity, with Weapons, all kinds of illegal Trafficks, Money and Mercenaries coming and going through Turkey, towards almost everywhere ; including, "naturally", in Europe, where a Shady Turkish Network already controls a growing number of Mosques in Germany, notoriously Spying over People, and even frequently used by Deadly Terrorists, as it was revealed from Berlin to Hamburg or Strassburg even in Brussels and elsewhere, while, (at the Same Period with the recent Qatar/Terrorism affair : See above) for the 1st Time (due to a controversial decision taken during unpopular former French President Hollande, a Socialist, back n 2013), a notorious Lobbyist of the Turkish Government snatched (without any Election !) for 2 years the rotating Chairmanship also of the French Council of Muslim Religion (CFCM) dealing with Mosques etc. throughout all France where Turkish neo-Muslims are, however, only a Tiny and recent Minority compared to a big and Historic Majority of French Culture Arabs from neighbouring countries, curiously pushed to a marginal opposition inside CFCM... However, Turkish "Imams" are Not independent religious representatives elected by civil society's communities, but only ...Agents of the Turkish State, chosen, trained/indoctrinated, paid, appointed and controled by Ankara's controversial Foreign State...

After EU, USA and Arab Countries were infiltrated by a growing Islamist Extremist Propaganda, (too often resulting in a peristing series of Bloody Massacres of defenseless and peaceful civilian people by a bunch of manipulated brutal cowards), Where Else would also go those who Push to Spread Islamist Extremism, Division, Hate, Provocation and Aggression ?

May be against Russia, India and/or China, even further, towards Australia, Philippines, etc ? They have already tried, but, at least Countries of Ancient, over-Millenary Civilisations strongly Resist, Control the situation, and Fight Back.

=> Quo Vadis Europe ?
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