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Author Topic: UK: 3 Massacres in Labour-held Cities (Manchester+Sadiq's London) is Enough !  (Read 3592 times)
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« on: June 08, 2017, 11:45:16 AM »

UK: 3 Massacres in Labour-held Cities (Manchester+Sadiq's London) is Enough !

Since Bliar's times, they transformed what was the Great Britain into a 3rd World Appart-Heid Multi-Culti Explosive Mix, grossly Manipulated by Establishment's Medias against the British People.

And, now, Labour Sadiq Khan's and his Manchester pal's Islamist Radicals cowards push for the End...

It's not more cops, but Other Policies, which can save British People from Islamist Terrorism cowards and their sly accomplices. Even More Debt, in order to Hire even more Labour's clients and cronies for Cops doing Nothing against Islamist Thugs, (as Corbyn wants), but only Spying and/or Bullying Honest People's lives and freedom of speech (under Threat even at the Internet), is NOT a solution at all :

=> Rush to Vote Theresa May or UKIP, etc.+

God save the Queen, (by Saint Georges) !

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