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Author Topic: Mr Jihad Turk rejects Public Funds to Fight Islamic Terrorism, accusing Trump  (Read 5947 times)
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« on: February 14, 2017, 04:08:30 PM »

Mr Jihad Turk rejects Public Funds for Fight against Islamic Terrorism argyuing against new US President Trump

The Chief of an "Islamic School" in California (sic !), Mr. Jihad Turk (the name is real !) backed the Refusal of Federal Program Funding the Combat against Violent Extremism, after several ISIS' deadly attacks targetting civilian people throughout the US, by claiming that he would be afraid for his school to be "Compromised, even if only by perception, in terms of ...Standing in the Community", as he said, (without explaining what kind of Cultural Gheto he was refering to)...

The Grant was 800.000 $ High, and would cover more thann 50%+ of that School's Yearly Budget. Even if awarded during New US President Don Trump's term, that Program had been created under former President Barack Hussein Obama, and that "Bayan" Claremont "Islamic School" had been selected "in the Dwindling Days of the Obama Administration", "Fownews" reported, citting "AP".

Earlier, a Somali "non-profit" NGO at Minneapolis, "Ka Joog", had also turned down 500.000 $ for its Youth programs, from that same US Federal program, run under the supervision of the US Homeland Security Department.

On the Contrary, more than 80 % among the Recipients of a Total of 10 Millions $ had already Accepted the Grants.

But Jihad Turk reportedly "said (his Islamic) School Officials had Reservations ...because they felt there's No Clear or Proven Pathway to Violence for someone with a particular Extreme Ideology".

However, Turk had initialy Accepted that under Barack Hussein Obama, but Refused under Don Trump.

Because Turk accused the New US President for what he called a "Fixation on the ... Muslim Community" and claimed that "he (Don Trump)'s actually looking to carry out (a) Scary Stuff" (sic !), according to his own (Islam Turk's) views.

Neither "AP", nor "FoxNews" didn't even raise yet any Question about any eventual Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar, Turkey, etc. Foreign Funding of Mr. Jihad Turk's "Islamic School" recently established in Socialist (Dems) controled California, as it's Scandalously done in certain cases Funded "Mosques" in suddenly Islamized Popular Suburbs even among Family Homes, where Christian Churches are, on the Contrary, sometimes attacked and/or forced to set up Walls or Metalic Fences in order to protect themselves, provoking situations obviously too easy to be dangerously exploited by various kinds of irresponsible and/or extremist grouplets.

Perhaps this could explain, however, Mr Turk's refusal, (without excluding, however, even an eventualy covered ISIS' funding, coming from the Millions $ got by Smuggling stolen oil/gas from the Syrian and/or Iraqi Territories that they have Invaded and still Occupy, notoriously with Weapons ultimately paid by more or less those Same shady partners)...

Concerning the Turkish-origin migrants in the US, recently, a Turk hastily naturalized as US Citizen by Barack Hussein Obama and/or the Clintons, notoriously Murdered with a Rifle, in cold blood, innocentg Elder People, mainly Women aged 60 or 90 years old and a Young Girl, at a Washington State's Mall on Autumn 2016. That Turkish Killer had reportedly Voted already 3 Times in US Elections, and was recently Calling to Vote for Hillary Clinton in the November 2017 US Presidential Election.             

Com. f.ex. :                                       
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