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Author Topic: Good Move for New US President Trump to Help Syrian Kurds+ Fight ISIL at Raqqa+  (Read 5223 times)
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« on: February 02, 2017, 04:57:27 PM »

Recent rumours that New US President Donald Trump's Administration would Start to Help the Syrian Kurds-led SDF Coalition ("Syrian Democratic Forces") in Fighting against ISIL's Islamist Terrorists around their Raqqa Heasquarters and elsewhere, appear as Good News.

In the Past, the Obama Administration had notoriously let the ISIL's Islamist Terrorists equip themselves even with so Heavy Weapons as also a lot of "Humvees" and even "Abram" Tanks, etc. (apparently through Turkey, at least as far as it concerns Money, Logistics, Jihadists, etc), to the great astonishment of Syrian Kurds and others.

On the Contrary, nowadays, YPG/SDF sources' reported Anouncement about "Armored Vehicles" being delivered from the US Army to SDF local Fighters against ISIL's barbarious Islamist Terrorists, (who cowardly Target often and kill Civilian People), looks as a 1st Good Move, which should Better be Completed until it Helps Yield the Desired Result : I.e., the Definite Ousting of ISIL on the spot.

Syrian Kurds have already a positive Experience into Fighting and Winning, even Hard Battles, against ISIL's and other (f.ex. Al-Queda-like, etc) Islamist Terrorists, (f.ex. at Kobane, Eastwards, as well as over Ephrates, Westwards, and towards Raqqa, Southwards, from their Rohava area), while they have promissed to respect Syria's Territorial Integrity, as well as Stability in the Region.

Those Kurds also, notoriously, Treat Christians, Yazidi a.o. Minorities, and Women quite well, (Contrary to what ISIS, Turks, and other pro-Islamization oppressors usually do), and have Suffered themselves from ISIL Terrorists' biggest Deadly Attacks Targetting Civilian People, (f.ex. in the Greatest ever ISIL Terror Bombings in South Turkey and Ankara, which Killed mainly Kurds, but also at their Syrian main City of Kobane, etc).

On the Contrary, the controversial and unreliable Turkish regime should, at last, really Stop providing ISIL, Al-Queda affiliates, and Other Islamist Terrorists with Foreign "Jihadist" Fighters, Dirty Money, Logistical Support, Arms, etc, (unlike to what it has notoriously done during Many Years now, under Barack Hussein Obama's former Administration, between 2011-2015, helping Hillary and BHO to "create ISIS", as New US President Trump has clearly Denounced, already since the Benghazi Scandal, etc), and Cease Meddling inside Syria and/or Iraq, by its Foreign Military Invasions and Occupations, which have only attempted to Weaken those who Really Fight against ISIL and other Islamist Terrorists.
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