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Author Topic: Ban Turkey, Not Iran = more Logical for US Measures against ISIS Terrorism !  (Read 5557 times)
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« on: February 01, 2017, 12:00:42 AM »

Why Ban Iranians, and Not Turks, when the officialy Declared Aim is to Counter ISIS Deadly Terrorism in the US and the whole World ?

Who was that Anonymous guy who ill-advised the -Otherwise Correctly Oriented- set of Measures just taken by New US President Trump ? Perhaps some Dems' "Submarine", silmilar to Mr. McCain and Cie, of Wash. DC's old Establishment of RINOS ?...

Iran is currently Fighting against ISIS and other Islamist Terrorists (who Target even Civilian People), and Iranians have been recently Risking their Lives, Together with Others, in order to Liberate Syria from Deadly and Destructive Islamist Terrorism, while, on the Contrary, Turkey has been notoriously aiding and abetting both ISIS and various Other Violent Armed Gangs of Islamist Terrorists in Syria etc....

Turkey has been right from the Start, up to Recently, during Many Years, the No 1 (sometimes even Exclusive) Provider and/or Transit area for Jihadists, Money, Logistics, Weapons, and other Tools givenn to ISIS and various other Violent Islamist Terrorists, both in Syria and Iraq, but also in Europe and in the USA.

F.ex., among many other concrete Examples, amidst the Killers of Civilians at Paris, in Bataclan and elsewhere, back on Jan. 2015, were also ISIS' agents who had just Infiltrated Europe through Turkey, Disguised in Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers.

+ Several Groups of various such Shady Muslim Irregular Mass Migrants discovered in ...Latin America, attempting to Head towards USA, in 2015-2016, had also emerged through Turkey.

++ The coward who Murdered with a Rifle 5 Innocent Civilian People (mainly Old Women) and Wounded Many others at a Washington State's Mall on 2016, was an ethnic Turk, (to whom Obama/Clinton had Scandalously given papers of US "Nationality", letting him even "Vote" 3 Times Before), who called to Back Hillary in the US Presidential Elections....


=> Donald Trump's popular General Principle of a well-Targeted, Temporary Ban from some unreliable Islamist Terrorism affected Countries, until a Solid Vetting Procedure is set up for adequately Selecting Muslim Migrants, obviously, in the Recent Circumstances of too many Deadly Terrorist Attacks Targetting Civilian People, has some Logic.

But, some Shady RINOS of the corrupted and blatantly failed, Anti-Democratic Establishment, must Not Deviate from that Aim, (f.ex. by Covering up Turkey's notorious ISIS Terrorists Complicities for Years, while targeting others, who, on the Contrary, Fight against ISIS and other Islamist Terrorists)...

USA does Not have at all to be "Afraid" of Turkey's Blackmails aboutn Incirlik AirBase use : It can always use, f.ex., Friendly UK's 2 AirBases at nearby Cyprus, close to Lebanon-Syria's Coasts, and/or its Suda-based Mediterranean Sea AirCarriers, Iraq Land and/or Sea based Facilities, (etc), which can Never be suddenly Blocked by a Turkish or other Unreliable Foreign Country's Muslim Military at any moment, as Turkey's Incirlik notoriously does.

=> Why, then, such a blatantly illogic Exception in the Counter-ISIS' Fight ?
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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2017, 04:51:50 PM »

Whatever Other Disagreements Western Countries might have vis a vis Iran, from various Differend points of view, traditionaly and/or nowadays,

you are Right to observe the Fact that, for new USA President Don Trump's main Aim to Free the World from the scourge of Islamist Terrrorism targetting and killing Civilian People, it's obviously Turkey which should be Included in the current Travel Ban.

May be, that strange Ommission could be due to the fact that, as it was precisely crafted in its Details, the Paper presented for signature by Trump seems to merely refer to an Older, pre-existing State Department List of Countries, already prepared, in the Past, by Obama's cronies...
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