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Author Topic: Brussels: "No" to European links for Russian Gas, but "Yes" to ...Turkish ?!  (Read 4159 times)
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« on: December 29, 2016, 07:57:02 PM »

Brussels, after Blocking for years European links to Russian Energy (Gas), would Accept a ...Turkish one ?

If Brussels, after repeatedly Hindering a DiRECT, Safer, Shorter and Cheaper Russia - EU Energy Transport via European Countries,

suddenly Accepted now an ... Indirect, Unsafe, much Longer and more Expensive Pipeline Zig-Zag through ...Turkey (sic !), i.e. a notoriously problematic Asiatic Third Country, often Abusing of Blackmail tactics, prone to Dangerous Earthquakes, provoking so Grave Contradictions that it's recently submitted to Growing Terrorist Risks from Various sides, and Economicalu UnStable, (See, f.ex. 1999 "Krach", etc),

=> then, it would Obviously lose Any Credibility in the World, and definitively Alienate any Credit it might still have in the Majority of EU Citizens' eyes, while also Committing a Gross geopolitical Blunde, of Historic Proportions in its inevitable Negatice Consequences.

>>> Particularly when, all this Time, for Many Years, still Exist several largely Better Possibilities for Direct EU - Russia Energy Transport links located inside Europe :  F.ex. "NorthStream" (via Baltic Sea), the Belarus path, the Ukranian paths, the "South Stream" project (via Black Sea - Bulgaria/Greece etc), the Danube-Rhine Rivers idea (through Short Black Sea links, with Pipeline or Ships, and Romania), etc.

Certainly, the really pro-European Juncker is Not Responsible for the Pseudo-"European" (in fact : Americano-servile) Barroso's bizarre Blunders of the Past.

But he can and should do, Now, much Better, than him.

Not even Worse !...
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