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Author Topic: EU Newspapers' link "LENA"  (Read 5197 times)
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« on: June 07, 2016, 09:09:02 PM »

A new initiative to Associate at least 5 "Leading" European Newspapers in a rather Pragmatic Association, was recently launched by Die Welt (Germany), Figaro (France), Repubblica (Italy), El Pais (Spain), and Le Soir (Belgium), nick-named "LENA".

Any concrete Step in this Direction is, naturaly, Welcome, since the much Needed Creation of a PanEuropean Pubic Space for Debates on Topical Common Issues, (one among the Elementary Conditions for a realy Democratic System to work in real practice), has been long overdue...

Nevertheless, it's also an obviously Insufficient, and partly inadequate measure, since it's Limited to Only 5 Newspapers for a European Space of 28 EU Member Countries with 550 Millions of Citizens, selected for their alleged "Leading" role, ("Leading European Newspapers Alliance"), instead of trying to Invent New Formulas for Many EU Media to create Together a Joint, Innovative Platform, able to ensure both Efficiency and Pluralistic Dialogue, as well as to Involve EU Citizens in an InterActive way.

Mutatis-mutandis, a somewhat Similar Attempt to LENA had been already undertaken, a long time ago in the Past, also by a Few Traditional Newspapers of the Establishment, (including, then, f;ex., "Le Monde" in France, the "Guardian" in the UK, etc), which, however, didn't manage to become neither really Interesting, nor Sustainable, so that it was abandoned, long Before the emergence of the Internet Media.

=> Now, Europe needs something Innovative, able to respond to real Needs, and artfuly involving also Civil Society.

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