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Author Topic: Clinton: Child Sex + Security Scandals confusio... Some Clarity, Please !  (Read 4825 times)
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« on: October 30, 2016, 12:47:48 AM »

What's going on ?

It's not clear, what has happened, in fact, about that Child Sex Scandal, with Hillary Clinton's closest Collaborator : the controversial Abedine, and her Husband, affecting small Girls, etc., found even directly Linked to Hillary's "Lost" Emails, that she had reportedly Claimed to be Non-Existent, but FBI found Now more than a Thousand, holed down in a Clinton Aide's Computer, abused in order to send "Sexting" messages to an Underage Young Girl !...

=> What does this Confusion mean ?

- Perhaps, that those "Lost",  unprotected Hillary's E-mails concerned some "Sexy" Top Security Issues, or that the Sexual Security of Underage Young Girls was Dangerously abandoned Unprotected,
despite inevitable Risks, by Untrustworthy Individuals, who abused of Hillary's Naivety or Negligence ? (As Bill has already done, in the Past, including in that notorious "Monica" Scandal, inside the White House)... Or Both ?

Who knows ? Somebody should Help Clear all that Mess, anyway....

Despite all that (and much more) :  - "Happy Halloween" and "Happy 2016 US Presidential Elections !", nevertheless...
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