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Author Topic: Fraud in US Presidential Election ?  (Read 4314 times)
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« on: September 24, 2016, 06:13:49 PM »

Astonishing facts reveal that Fraud is not only possible, but has even become recently Easier than before, particularly because of some controversial measures adopted recently by the out-going "Socialist" US President Obama, (from the same Dem. Party as Hillary Clinton), according to "SputnikNews" Press Agency, which cites even Attorney General, Lorretta Lynch's statements, (an Obama-appointed US Top Official).

Opposition GOP Party Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, (Conservative), had already warned about various such risks for the November 2016 US Election to be "Rigged", in one way or another.

In this particular case, Fraud and/or other serious Irregularities' Risks focus on the case of "Early" Voters, technically similar to (if not even more dangerous than) that of Voters "by Correspondence" or "Mail Voters", etc., which had notoriously provoked grave problems f.ex. in the 2005 UK Parliament Election, during the controversial former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's era, (which had to be checked even by the Council of Europe, whose "Liberal" Rapporteur found Frauds, Errors and discrepancies, but claimed that they were not enough in order to seriously alter the result), as well as in the more recent Austrian Presidential Election's 2nd round, (erroneously attributed to a "Green" Candidate), which was cancelled by the Supreme Court of Wien and re-scheduled for later-on, between October and December 2016.

=> But, who checks the seriousness of such alleged risks in the USA ?

See, f.ex. :
Comp. :
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