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Author Topic: EU Summit for Autonomous Defense's Area+Time hit by Quake (+ Christian Heritage)  (Read 2487 times)
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« on: August 28, 2016, 02:03:05 PM »

EU Summit for Autonomous Defense's Area+Time hit by Deadly Earthquake (+on most Italy's Christian Heritage)

By a surprising coincidence, it's just 1 Day after an exceptionaly important Summit of the 3 Bigger EU Countries (Germany, France + Italy) on Europe's Future in the Post-BREXIT period, which focused on boosting EU Defense Autonomous capabilities, that, suddenly, almost at the Same Geographic Area, located around Central Italy (See Map), an unusualy Big Earthwake Destroyed many inhabited areas (including a landmark Historic Christian Cultural Heritage), Killed several Hundreds of People and Wounded Thousands, making also a lot of Displaced Persons whose Homes were damaged, in a way which provoked.

This came while EU's 27 Member States are now preparing their 1st forthcoming Summit (in Bratislava, at Slovakia, the former Eastern European Country which currently holds EU's rotating Presidency) without the UK, which was notoriously opposed (as well as Mr. Obama's USA) to any Franco-German+ eventual initiative to Build an Autonomous EU Defense policy.

If some PTB might, eventualy, seek to Terrorize Euopean People, in an attempt to Hinder a probable EU rush towards an Autonomous Development of European Security and Defense High-Tech tools, then, they would probably have acted, at such a crucial moment, in a similar way...

In this regard, it's an undeniable, objective Fact that even UNO' outlets at nearby Geneva have already adopted a signed and ratified International Convention against what the've named as any "Hostile Modification of the (Natural) Environment", (otherwise known as "ENMOD"), which includes also Earrthquakes among its long List of possibly Man-made Catastrophes, that might be provoked by various, existent or explored, techniques).

In addition, Central Italy having notoriously been also the cradle of an Historic Papal State in the Past for Centuries, inevitably, many Christian Catholics lost their Churches, heavily damaged or destroyed by that Earthquake, particulalrly those which had been build much earlier, f.ex. during the Medieaval period, many among whom had been classified by UNESCO as European/World Cultural Heritage, because of their exceptional Historic and/or Architectoral value.

At any case, it's obviously a Hard Strike against Europe's Historic Cultural Heritage, which comes at a moment when a currently resurging, more than 1,5 Million People strong, unprecedented Massive Influx of mainly Muslim Asylum seekers/irregular Migrants through Turkey (which has reportedly Excluded Christians, Yazidi and/or Educated People among those transported by Turkish Smugglers) have entered EU Member Country Greece, threatening not only to provoke obvious Security Risks (as German Media reported, citting also several German Government's official Reports), but also to Alter its Historic Cultural Heritage's Christian roots.

A subsequent Twitter Community picture symbolicaly Merges the 2 above-mentioned Events' Locations, in 1 Bloody Mark :

Comp. also a quite Frigtening British "BBC"'s cartography, obviously showing Quake's Threats even against the nearby Rome city itself, (where the Historic EU Treaty was Signed, and Christian Catholics' Vatican city HQ is also located)...

Nevertheless, as we also said before, all this might, eventualy, be only a 100% pure "Coincidence"...
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