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Author Topic: Coup was No Gulen's doing, Turkish Government admits ?!.  (Read 4141 times)
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« on: August 24, 2016, 09:17:45 AM »

That strange, short-lived "Coup" attempt, which gave a pretext to the current, AKP Party's Government (of President Tayip Erdogan), to launch a huge and wide-spread, massive Oppression against Tens of Thousands of various Dissidents, would Not have been staged by controversial Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, Turkish Authorities were, in fact, obliged to acknowledge, indirectly but surely, as it results from the astonishing  new fact that when they, finaly, lodged a formal complaint against him for extradition from the US, contrary to Erdogan's notoious claim that Gulen's alleged responsibility for that "Coup" would have made necessary a massive "Cleaning" against hidden dissidents  throughout the Turkish State, and even Civil Society, (such as Universitarians, Journaists, Teachers, and even Businessmen, etc), however, they didn't dare present officialy any legal accusation about that "Coup"...

Indeed, as US Media have just reported, at last, Ankara's authorities have officialy presented a legal demand to the North American authorities for the Extradition of Gulen, "But, Not for the Coup !", as Frontpage Headlines clearly anounced.

It was "only for other issues", "Not related to the Coup attempted earlier this years", as an USA State Department Spokesman revealed, according to Reuters' Press Agency and other mainstream Media.

Indeed, the alleged "Coup" comploters, instead of pursuing an Islamist Agenda, on the contrary, had pronounced themselves in favor of a "Secular Democracy", and, paradoxically, for the "Restoration" of "Human Rights", as well as "Peace", having even, reportedly, ordered for Turkish Troops to withdraw from Iraq.

On the contrary, the current Turkish Government seems to be searching some hollow Pretexts in order to invade Syria, at the first opportunity, a lot of converging facts, official statements and speculations clearly indicate...
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