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Author Topic: too many civilian Kurds (+Foreign Tourists) recently killed in Turkey by bombs  (Read 4363 times)
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« on: August 23, 2016, 04:36:51 PM »

Too many Kurdish civilian people killed in Turkey, during a long series of "Terrorist" bomb attacks, since the Ankara "Peace" demonstration by dissidents to Mr. Erdogan's regime, etc., added also to several Foreign Tourists from certain key countries, (f.ex. that German Group who were killed in Istanbul, etc).

In parallel, there are even those Deadly Strikes between the Turkish Military, Police, etc., and the PKK, tragically perpetuating a long conflict of 32 years...

However, thanks God (of all involved), for the rest, ISIS hasn't apparently aimed against any mainly Turkish civilian target, (neither revendicated any such target), contrary to what it usually does in all other countries, all over the world.

So that Turkey astonishingly remains a unique exception, vis a vis ISIS, from what we see everywhere else.

And, today, Ankara's officials are obliged to acknowledge, that, in fact, they don't even know yet who killed more than 50 civlian Kurds in the latest bombing, (since some initial claims were afterwards proven erroneous)...

As for finding and punishing those responsible for that series of deadly bombings against Kurdish civilian people inside Turkey, from those youngsters who wanted to help re-build Syria, Ankara's dissidents for Peace, etc., up to the latest victims at a marriage, nobody should have any illussions...
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