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Author Topic: Election Muzzled in Strasbourg ?  (Read 4262 times)
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« on: May 29, 2016, 04:58:01 PM »

Participation to the Last Election of MP to the French National Assembly before the crucial Presidential Votes in less than a year (April-May 2017), is exceptionaly LOW for Strasbourg City's most Important Constituency, (which includes the DownTown Centre, as well as its European Institutions' area, together with some Popular Suburbs), even at this 2nd and decisive Round, this Sunday, when the Final Selection between 2 frontrunner candidates is made !

Astonishingly, the Abstention is, Today, even Bigger than what it was during the 1st Round, last week : Something obviously Not normal, given the Greater Political Importance of this 2nd and decisive Round for People's Final Choice...

The current Numbers on Participation are an obvious Disgrace, compared to previous, f.ex. 2012 Elections here to the National Assembly, (f.ex. only 14,23% at 5 p.m., compared to 36,14%), and haven't even reached the already exceptionaly low participation of this Same Election's 1st Round, Last Sunday, (only 14,23% compared to 15,61% before, at 5 p.m.), while Only 3 more Hours are Now Left until the Ballot Boxes close at 8 p.m. local time (GT +1).

During the pre-electoral campaigns, exceptionaly, there wasn't any public Debate organized between the candidates, not even for this 2nd and Decisive Round between the two frontrunners, (of the Governing, Socialist Party, and of mainstream Opposition, Republican Party).

In addition, the quasi-Monopolistic local/regional Media, (a State-run TV and the Unique Strasbourg's Newspaper, added to a Local French Website) were unusualy Silent, most of the time, even during this last and crucial week !

According to some sources, it's mainly the Governing Party's (PSoc) candidate who would have Refused any direct Debate with the Challenger, while the unique Newspaper published in Strasbourg, (in whose Municipality, the Socialist candidate is also Deputy-Mayor, etc), in addition to its strange silence, appeared also to take, indirectly but obviously, a stance favoring this same privileged candidate, particularly by publishing, all week-long, a grossly Misleading Map with alleged Results of the 1st Round, which presented all the City almost entirely ...paint in Rose color (that of the French PSoc) everywhere, except from only a Few, rare spots painted in Blue (for the Challenger's center-right party), in a way which obviously incited Citizens to abstain, since it gave the False Impression that everything would have been already decided, with a crushing victory of the incumbent, governing (both Nation-wide and at the Local level) party...

Indeed, that controversial Map (almost Copied even by the above-mentioned Local Website, whose spacy Offices are hosted at a Public Funds - supported Modern Building, located near the Mayor's main premisses), limits its Comparison only to the Personal results of the Challenger, without taking at all into account the Notorious fact that his Party is traditionaly Allied to another, Centrist Party, which immediately confirmed its support for him, sending even its representative to take part at the only Public Meeting organized by that mainstreal Opposition Candidate, together with whom they gathered, in several areas, More Votes than the Governing Party's Candidate !

Moreover, such a misleading and unique Graphic (repeated continuously during all this week in the run up to the Final Vote of Today, by that quasi-Monopolistic Local Newspaper and Website) also Ommitted to highlight the Crucial Fact that almost all former allies of the Socialist Candidate had explicitly Refused, this time, to Back him, (arguying their disagreement to National Policy issues), while, on the contrary, almost all possible allies of the Republican Candidate had either confirmed their support, or, at least, left Free their Voters to chose according to their convictions, so that the First was clearly Isolated politically, while the Latter appeared to have a large potential support around him from various other parties' voters for this 2nd and final round.

To put it in a nutshell, in brief, many factual indications risk to make this particular electoral process look too Fishy, particularly if the Final Results, in 3 Hours' Time, might, eventualy, be in accordance with that Debate-Muzzling and Misleading Picture's self-fullfilling prophecies...
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« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 06:29:51 AM »

Here are the Final Results of the 2nd Round, (in percentage of Registered Voters) :

As you guessed, Abstention was even Worse in the 2nd Round, from what it had been initialy at the 1st Round.

The so called "Frontrunner" representes almost Nothing, compared to the Bulk of almost 80% of Abstentionists, and has Little or No visible Difference from the Challenger (Number 2).

In addition, his Challenger's Votes, together with those taken by Blank and/or Non-Void Votes, form a relative Majority : 10,24%, instead of only 10,05 for the so-called "Frontrunner"...
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