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Author Topic: Visa-Free for 80 Million Turks but No Armenians, Georgians, Ukranians, Russians+  (Read 8054 times)
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« on: April 30, 2016, 04:08:18 PM »

On Wedensday, EU Commission is due to take a Decision on the Turkish Government's pressing Demand to allow to 80 Millions of Turks to Enter inside the EU (and even in the Shengen area) without any need not even for a simple Visa.

If it is accepted, this would give to Turkey's Population a Right to enter and even Stay inside all the EU Countries for at least 6 Months Each Year, i.e. during the Half (50%) of Each Year !

Moreover, this could Start almost Immediately, i.e. already from June 2016, (instead of 2017, as it had been envisaged a few years ago).

But, at the same time, not even European Culture and Tradition Populations, in Countries located GeoPoliticaly inside De Gaule's "Great Europe", such as ... Armenians, Georgians, Ukranians, Belarussians, Russians, etc., haven't yet any such "Visa Free" Right, as that, that some Lobbies push to give First only to Asiatic Ankara...

Turkey notoriously obtained such a vague but obviously Dangerous promisse, during an Exceptional Sunday mini-Summit in a Brussels' City under Total Black-Out imposed in view of Terrorist Deadly Attacks by Extremist Islamists of ISIS etc., by Blackmailing the EU on the Mass Migration Crisis, (which arrived 100% through Turkey itself !), Last Year, (mostly confirmed also on 22 March 2016).

But, since then, the Number of Mass Asylum Seekers - irregular Migrants through that "Western Balkans' route" has sharply Fallen Down, thanks, particularly, to Strict Checks and Border Controls, or even a quasi-Total Closure of Borders by a lot of various European Transit Countries, including FYROM, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. Meanwhile, EU prepares also its External Borders' collective Controls, (f.ex. by creating an EU Coast-Guard, strengthening FRONTEX's capabilities), etc, while a Debate on the example of Spain's efficient (and not costlly at all, compared to Turkey's demand for ... 6 Billions € !) agreements with Neighbouring Morocco, etc. for Mass Migration Monitoring, has started.

Juncker and Merkel have recently promised that there will be "No Watering Down" on EU's 72 Conditions for a "Visa Free" status to Turkey, but, reportedly, some are pushing now to give to Ankara's 80 Millions Population such a Right to Enter and Stay in Europe for Half a Year (6 Months), Every Year, even if it hasn't fullfilled all the Legaly and Politicaly Necesary Conditions, leaving only to an Hypothetic "Suspension" ex ante a remote possiblity to eventualy Sanction possible Serious Failings in these regards...

However, all this is obviouly Dangerous, not only for EU's Social and Cultural Cohesion, and even Financial and/or Unemployment situation, but also for Topical Security reasons, given, particularly, the Turkish regime's notorious Links to ISIL's Deadly Terrorist Islamist Extremists and atrocious BeHeaders, and even Ankara "Deep State"s suspected involvement in Brutal Killings of real Political Dissidents and/or Critics living in various EU Countries, (as, f.ex., the unelicitaed yet case of the cold-blood Murder of 3 Kurdish Women in Paris on January 2013, allegedly by a Turkish Secret Agent send for a Deadly Mission in France, and due to Return Back to Turkey after having committed such a Horrible Crime, the perpetrators of which still remain totally unpunished).        

Recent Findings about Dozens of ISIL's Terrorists, (including many among those who, later-on, committed the Deadly Paris' and/or Brussels' Attacks, Killing a lot of innocent Civilian People, etc), having Entered Europe by Hidding themselves among the Huge Wave of Massive Irregular Migration through Turkey, as well as the New Year's eve Mass Brutal Attacks against European Women and Young Girls, treated Worse than "Cattle" in several EU Cities, (Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgard, etc. in Germany, but also in Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, etc), revelations about Arms' Traffick between Turkey and ISIL or other Extremist Islamist Terrorist Groups, the affair of a Turkish origin Smuggler trying to Sell Hundreds of EU Passports to ISIL a.o. Terrorists, hidden inside .. Pizzas, by traveling between Belgium and Turkey, as well as  the Scandal of Turkish Consulates asking Migrants from Turkey to systematicaly Spy and Denounce all European Journalists' Critical Publications vis a vis the Ankara regime, f.ex. in the Netherlands, added, at the same time, to the Prosecution of a German Journalist at the demand of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, and to Many Refusals or Withdrawals of Pres Accreditations to various Western Journalists from Europe or USA, etc., are among a Long Series of alarming Facts which naturaly justify the greatest Concern from EU Citiizens about manifold Risks.                                            ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2016, 04:01:58 PM »

EU Commission decided to postpone its Final Report on Ankara's demand for a Visa-Free status to 80 Millions Turks for mid-June.

=> Thus, in practice, Brittish People would Vote on the June 23 Referendum about staying inside, or leaving away from the EU, WITHOUT KNOWING what it means to, eventualy, have 80 Millions Turks comming and going, in and out of the EU, for 6 Months each Year... If, finaly, the EU Commission opens its doors for all the Population of Turkey, the Brits may find out what it really means only AFTER that Crucial Referendum..

It's true that, f.ex., UKIP's Chief Nigel Farage had immediately denounced that controversial EU - Turkey Deal, by stressing that the imminent Threat for 80 Millions Turks to have a Visa-Free entry into the EU was a sufficient and strong reason, in itself alone, for which the Brittish People should Vote for the UK to leave such an EU.
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« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2016, 01:20:05 AM »

Erdogan's latest Statements about rejecting EU Conditions, EU going its way and Turkey its own, etc, (while EU Parliament's President Schultz reportedly declared that MEPs' won't vote on that Controversial EU - Turkey Deal, including the particularly unpopular Visa-Free status for 80 Millions Turks, before Ankara accepts the EU Requirements), apparently settle that issue with a Disagreement.

But, Beware :

- EU Parliament's LIBE Committee immediately examines the controversial EU - Turkey Deal and the unpopular Visa Free status for 80 Millions Turks, Next Monday !

- During the same Session's week, EU Parliament's Plenary debates and votes another Report for the Entry and Stay inside the EU of Nationals from Third Countries, (i.e. including Turkey, etc), for so-called "Studies" in general, "Work <<au pair>>", etc.

- The Next EU Parliament's Plenary Sessions are comming very Soon : A First one at Early June, (i.e. Before the Final EU Commission's Report), and the Second one, right at the Beginning of July, (i.e. almost Immediately after the Brittish Referendum)...

=> As some Socialist MEPs reportedly suggested, Anything might happen, later-on, at the End.
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« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2016, 12:48:45 AM »

 - "Beware", as you said, is, indeed, the word...

=> European Parliament plenary Debate, with EU Council and Commission statements, on the Visa-Free for 80 Millions of Turks' controversy, on Wednesday Afternoon !

It was apparently added, at the last minute, to the Agenda !

Reality (particularly in such Nasty things) goes Faster than even your willdest imagination...
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