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Author Topic: German People Targetted Twice at Istanbul + Köln Brutal Aggressions of Jan. 2016  (Read 4546 times)
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« on: January 13, 2016, 02:11:17 AM »

German People Targetted Twice at Istanbul + Köln Brutal Aggressions of Jan. 2016 by Extremist Islamists via Turkey

Innocent Civilian German People were Exceptionaly Targetted already Twice, at this Beginnuing of January 2016, by 2 Differend Violent Aggressions, both related to various Islamic Extremists, shortly after Unprecedented, Premeditated and Concerted  Brutalities by Orgabnized Mobs against Defenseless Girls and Women at Köeln and other German Cities at New Year's Eve, also by a Terrorist Bombing Attack at Istanbul in Turkey, near the Historic millenary Christian Church of Saint Sophia, of the Byzantine-Greek Empire  (330 - 1453), Killing at least  10 and Wounding 8 more Victims, almost entirely  of German Nationality, reportedly after an ISIS' Kamikazi infiltrated a Group of Tourists.

It's Not yet Clear why Innocent and Defenceless German People were Twice Targetted by various Unprecedented Violent Aggressions, of Differend kind, but allmost at the Same Time, and Socio-Cultural/GeoPolitical Origin, (i.e. Violent Islamist Extremists moving through Turkey).

After that Scandalous Mediatic Cover-Up of Brutal Mob Attacks in Northern Rhein/Westfalia, let's hope that there won't be also another one around Istanbul's Massacre...

Because the obvious Question is Why someone Targets nowadays German Civilian People, and what should be done in order to Unmask the Instingartors, Find and Punish the Perpetratrors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
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