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Author Topic: New Members Registering to resume asap !  (Read 10305 times)
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« on: October 31, 2015, 12:02:21 PM »

After a Series of CyberCriminal Aggressions against "EuroFora", culminating at certain Exceptional Politicaly Important Dates in the European/PanEuropean EU/CoE Agenda in Strasbourg, (as, f.ex., since late December 2014, also on 28/29 January 2015 : See +PACE's Votes on Russia, ECHR's Annual Press Conference, etc, on 2 May 2015 : See EU Parliament's Annual Open Day, 1st Anniversary of Odessa Massacre + CoE-monitored Investigation, etc), an Unprecedented Total Suspension of all New Members' Registrations was Imposed, Contrary to our Will, provoking various obvious Damaging Consequences, both against the Media and its many Thousands of Reader's Freedom of Expression and Information, as well as against elementary Democratic Values in Europe.

However, since the Beginning of several Positive Counter-Actions recently, both in the direction of the still on-going Collective Investigations to Find and Punish all those Responsible for those Criminal and Anti-Democratic CyberAttacks, as well as to Review, Update and Strengthen "EuroFora"s various Technical Defenses and Monitioring agaiinst such sly but brutal e-Aggressions, normaly, at least the usual Registering of New Members for the Forum should re-Start anew soon.

=> In consequence, all those Readers who are Interested into Becoming also a New "Eurofora" Forum's Member, should Stand Ready and Visit Often the relevant Website's pages for a ReLaunch of Registering due asap. !

Nevertheless, all those "EuroFora"s fans should also be .. Petient, since the necessary Authorisation of New Members already has a Huge Backlog of .. more than 6.000 Registered Persons to check....

Thanks in advance for your comprehension, and we promisse to do our Best to catch up and Satisfy all those Readers interested to become also "Eurofora" Forum's Members the soonest, includiing with the Help of some experienced Friends.

The move is also due to be combined with a considerable ReNewal of "Eurofora"s main Forum, to be refurbished in a brand new way, much closer to the main "EuroFora"s original Project.
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