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Author Topic: 2nd Bomb v. Dissidents in Turkey: Regime's Terrorism links Questioned  (Read 8232 times)
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« on: October 10, 2015, 04:29:58 PM »

After the 2nd massive Deadly Terrorist Attack, Killing and Wounding more and more Political Dissidents, unarmed and defenseless Civilian People, during Peaceful Gatherings, these last Months in Turkey, (particularly pro-Kurdish, but also various Other Dissidents), anyone who might, eventually, make any more Concessions to a Murderous Regime, will be irrevocably Stigmatized in EU Citizens' Hearts and Minds, as well as in front of all the People of the World, and go down in History as a Vile and Hypocritic Traitor to Human Rights and Democratic Values, for Ever !

Recent Facts clearly indicate that it's not only ISIL's Extreme Islamic Terrorists who seem to have various Complicities inside Turkey, (f.ex. on Recruits, Oil Smuggling, Arms Trafficking, Attacks against Syrians, Kurds, and/or Russians whenever they try to really Deal with ISIL, etc).

Moreover, according to all International Media, the Turkish Police, not only didn't ever arrest, nor punished anyone (not even one !) among the those who Organized these Horrible Massacers of Peaceful Civilians, but, on the Contrary, it had just Opened Fire with Lethal Arms' Shootings, etc., in order to Intimidate and disperse even a Simple, Spontaneous and obviously Legitimate Protest by those who Survived among the Victims, their Friends and various other People horrified by such Cowardish, Deadly Brutality against Political Dissidents, at the Eve of a crucial forthcoming Election in Turkey...
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« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2015, 08:04:10 AM »

Ankara Massacre points at ISIL, that Erdogan ommitted even to mention in his Speech on "Terrorism" !...

According to the latest news from Turkey, reporeted by Reuters, the still on-going Investigations by the Security services on the Ankara Massacre which killed 95 People and Wounded more than a Hundred among pro-Kurdish and various other Political Dissidents who had organized a Popular Demonstration for Peace, point at the Extreme Islamic Terrorists of ISIL's atrocious BeHeaders.

This obviously makes Turkish President Erdogan's astonishing Total Ommission from even mentioning "ISIL" in his controversial Speech "against Terrorism" last Sunday in Strasbourg (See : ), look even more Puzzling, becoming bloody Scandalous ...
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