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Author Topic: Arms Traffic from Turkey to Libya +  (Read 4538 times)
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« on: September 02, 2015, 01:12:19 AM »

A Ship loaded with Weapons traveling from Turkey towards Libya was intercepted by the care-taker Greek Government officials South of Creta. Investigations are starting.

ISIL's Extreme Islamic Terrorists are notoriously attacking the Libyan Government forces and often Murdering even defenseless Civilian People, (including poor Migrant Workers from nearby Egypt, atrociously beheaded by ISIL Brutal Terrorist who accused them only to be Christians !)...

Opposition Media revealed recently a Video showing Rockets' delivery by Turkish trucks to Islamic Extremists in Syria. The illegal delivery of so serious lethal Weapons inside Syria was acknowledged, later-on, even by the Turkish Government, who simply claimed that it was destinated to some so-called "Turkmen" armed groups, without specifying.

Earlier, a Media Alert had warned about a probable Arms delivery by "Turkish Airlines" at a Regional Airport in Nigeria whose Northern Regions are notoriously suffering from "Boko Haram"'s Deadly Terrorists, near to areas where "Turkish Schools" have been curiously established, in the middle of Africa... The Conflict area cuts through a possible pathway for a Strategic Gas Pipeline from Nigeria towards Europe, via Mali, Algeria, etc, while "Boko Haram" has recently admitted the Leadership of ISIL's Extreme Islamic Terrorists, headquarted around Turkey's Borders into Syria and Iraq.
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