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Author Topic: Russia complaints for Delay of Turkish Pipeline, as Bombs Block Gas Supplies..  (Read 3140 times)
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« on: July 31, 2015, 11:36:24 PM »

    Russia recently cancelled a Deal with an Italian Compagny for the contsruction of Gas Pipelines through Turkey (followed by Greece and other EU Countries) towards Europe, while just a few Days later, it complained for Delays by the Turkish Government, reportedly due mainly to a Discount Price problem, but also to various other Issues under Negotiation, as Ankara's Authorities added, (f.ex. about the future existence of 1, or 3, perhaps 4 lines, etc).

    All this comes shortly after a Bomb Explosion cut, these Days, a pre-existing Pipeline, Blocking Turkey's Gas supplies, while Ankara's Government re-started quarelling with the Kurds, droped a Cease-Fire and Peace Negotiations for a Political Solution to the Kurdish Issue inside the Country, and started even to Attack the Syrian Kurdish Commiunity accross the Border, which had been the only efficient Ally of an US-led International Coalition against the Islamic Extremist ISIS Terrorists, (something for which Turkey had become recently anxious, fearing the creation of another Autonomous Kurdish Region at its Borders, after that which had been already established at Northern Iraq, which might give similar Aspirations to its own Kurdish Minority).

    Obviously nobody could seriously undertake the huge responsibilities of engaging important investments in such a big and too long Pipeline, (which makes an U-turn around the EU in order to reach Turkey, before heading towards Europe), if it's Threatened to be cut and Blocked at any moment by a renewed Violent Conflict inside the Turkish territory, as that against the Kurds, (added to Ankara's too frequent Blackmails about Enegy Prices, already in the Past against Iran and even Russia itself, etc, due to its Economy's Instability)...
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