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Author Topic: 30 Kurds Killed in Turkey-Ankara accused for Terror Massacre under ISIS disguise  (Read 4449 times)
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« on: July 20, 2015, 09:58:28 PM »

More than 30 Kurds were brutaly Killed and about 100 seriously Wounded in Turkey, where Kurdish Groups accused Ankara's Government to Kill and Terrorize Kurds under the Mask of ISIL, the extremist islamic terrorists that the Turkish State has been notoriously denounced by various other sources to have helped gain money with trafficking, get new recruits, buy Arms, etc., at its Borders to Syria and Iraq.

Indeed, after a Bomb exploded at the Kurdish Cultural Centre of Suruc, close to Turkey's borders to Syria, where Volunteers (mainly young students, but also old people, including women) had gathered in order to help re-build the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane, which had been notoriously targetted by numerous ISIL's deadly attacks, a few Months ago, interim Turkish Prime MInister Davutoglou attributed also this massacre of civilians again to ISIL, and send the Turkish Police to face with Gas public protest by demonstrators at Istanbul etc...

Recently, even Turkish President Erdogan, admitted (after Photographs of Rockets shiped by trucks from Turkey to Syria provoked a Scandal involving the Turkish security services) that Ankara had, indeed, supported rebels inside Syria including by shiping them deadly rockets and other arms...

Already, during the latest National Elections in Turkey, several Bomb Attacks had hit the pro-Kurdish Party HDP, which succeeded, nevertheless, to win more than 10% of the votes Nationwide, ovrecoming a controversial threshhold of the Turkish Electoral System, which allowed it to get some MPs, for the first time after decades of forced non-representation.

The targetted students from Youth Associations, who were killed or wounded by an explosion when they tried to speak to the Press, had been reportedly planning a trip to Kobane to build a library, a playground and plant a forest.

In parallel, an almost simultaneous explosion around Kobane, killed another 2 Kurds, at the other side of the Turkey-Syria border.
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