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Author Topic: Germany supports Egypt against ISIS' Murderers of innocent Civilian People  (Read 2928 times)
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« on: June 03, 2015, 08:51:31 PM »

German Chancelor Merkel's support (even if partly critical) to Egyptian President Al-Sisi, today, in Berlin, is a justified move, given that Country's crucial role in the struggle against ISIS a.o. extremist islamic terrorism, that many deadly aggressions by cowards against innocent Civilian People, including the atrocious beheading of Dozens of poor Egyptian immigrant workers in Libya recently, abudantly illustrate.

Everybody involved would like to have a better situation at this strategic country than what is now the case in Iraq, Syria or Libya, etc...

Let's hope that the Fatherland of the Historic, Millenary Civilisation of Pharaons and of those "wonders of the World" that are the Pyramids and many other Ancient monuments of great importance for all Humankind, will, finaly, manage to stabilise, pacify and develop that Country which included even the World-famous Library of Alexandria, full of precious and unique Greco-Roman wisdom, from which benefited both the Arab Civilisation and the European Renaissance.

=> "Let there be Light", and no more Dark moments for the Egyptian People (who has already suffered much in the Past) and Naser's Country's historic links to Europe and the rest of the World !
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