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Author Topic: Double Plot at Skopje+ ?  (Read 4464 times)
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« on: February 02, 2015, 12:00:21 PM »

Strange that story about an alleged "Putsch" comploted by "Socialdemo" Opposition Party, in collaboration with "a Foreign Secret Service" against FYROM's Christiandemocrat Government, just after entering at the Constitution of the country the definition of Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman, (contrary to US "Dem." Obama's notorious attempts to impose everywhere the controversial "Gay Mariage", including even Children put at the disposal of Homosexuals by exploiting "Surrogate Mothers" and/or by giving to abusif Technocrats exclusive Power on Artificialy fabricated Births, instead of Natural Births)..

It reminds, a little bit, among others, also f.ex. how UK's electorate was grossly manipulated in the 2005 Elections in order to make Conservaives' Chief Dunkan loose for a controversial less than 0,5% difference ; how former Italian PM. Berlusconi was systematicaly Slandered, until ousting him and his center-Right Coalition ; and how former French President Sarkozy was slyly undermined during 2012 Elections, when he dared oppose Gays' Mariage etc., defending Natural Family and Human Embryo from Genetic Manipulations, et ;  or how German Chancelor Merkel was practicaly Robbed from her landmark +40% Win in September 2013 Elections by obliging her to Compromise with SPD, to which she had to make too much Concessions,, including on the above-mentioned principles ; how Russian President Putin was suddenly targetted and accused of almost everything, not hesitating even to push Ukraine towards Civil War, etc., just after Duma passed Laws prohibiting Propaganda spreading Homosexuality towards Children, and Refused to give Children for Adoption in Countries which practive Gays Mariage ; or how Hungarian PM Victor Orban suddenly started to be systematicaly Slandered and accused for almost everything, just after he entered in the Constitution of his country the Christian roots of Europe's Historical Identity, Natural Family between a Man and a Woman, protection of Human Embryo, etc; even how Geek Conservatives' leader Samaras was forced first to Cohabitate with PASOK, disappointing many among his electorate, and finaly to loose hard in front of Syriza's Leftists, whose program includes total "Equality" between Homosexual vis a bis Natural Couples, to the point to attract even .. New York Mayor, Dems' Cuomo's official "congratulations", precisely on this point !, (etc)...

=> It would be interesting to find out WHO was that "Foreign Secret Service" which reportedly gave to the "Socialist" Opposition materials to slander the Christiandemocrat Government of the country, in this case too.

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