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Author Topic: UK Election: Back to Bliar, or Ahead to the Future ?  (Read 5001 times)
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« on: May 07, 2015, 08:07:07 PM »

UK Election: Back to Bliar, or Ahead to the Future ?

A European view on May 2015 British General Election

Time being obviously of essence now, let's focus, from the outset, to some key, main points inb this crucial UK Vote and its immediate aftermath :

- Among the most Important Issues at stake for the May 2015 UK General Elections are : Economy and Europe, Mass Immigration and Terrorist Attacks (mainly against Christians+) by Islamist Extremists, Natural Family and Births facing more and more Claims by a Technocratic Lobby hidden behind some so-called "LBGTI" grouplets, Education and Innovation, what will be the Government's and Westminster's stance on the delayed but forthcoming Chilccot's Report on one among the biggest Tony Bliar's scandals,  a clean, transparent and efficient Democratic Life able to win back People's Trust at the 800th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights, (etc).

In this regard :

- On Economy, Prime Minister David Cameron managed to Start succesfully tackling the Global Crisis that Blair/Brown's Labour Party had left behind, together with a Huge Debt, and he currently seems as the best Great Britain Leader available in order to push forward the move until Growth and Jobs revive decisively, in a sustainable way, both in the UK and in the rest of Europe, as well as in the Post-Obama USA.

On the Contrary, Ed Miliband  has to bear the burden of the too Heavy Past of Bliar's bad legacy, who got a still functioning British Economy at the Ninetees, only to bring it at the borderlines of the 2008-2010's Abyss fall.

- In general, Wider terms, almost Nobody wants Today to oblige Today's Great Britain to fall Back to Tony Bliar's (nickname notoriously attributed to him by Families of Killed Soldiers at Iraq, etc) Dark legacy : One of the Worst in History, as it's clearly indicated, among others, also even by World-Famous British Group's Song : - "Take a Bow", International Cinema Director Roman Polansky's interesting, Award-Winning Film "The Ghost Writer", (etc), not to mention MP George Galawway's "the (5) Killings of Tony Blair" Documentary, (etc).

No more Deadly Wars leading to more Chaos and Dangerous spread of Extremist Islamist Terrorists (opening ways to Deadly Gangs such as ISIS, etc); No more Mass Immigration and spreading Islamisation (even with Bliar's  Sister in Law ostensibly Concerted to a Fundamentalist Islam, plus a Failed "Multi-Culti" with Cultural "Ghettos" and Mosques  pushing everywhere) ; No more a Shaky, unsustainable  Economy ready to Implose (as back on 2008);  No more Cloning and/or  other Genetic Manipulation Horrors as "Dolly the Sheep" who died atrociously (etc) ; no more so Excessive Restrictions of People's Individual Freedoms ;  no more gross Manipulations of Public Opinion ; no more "Dr. Kelly" Bloody Deaths, (i.e. the British Expert who tried to Warn about Mr. Bliar's False Claims about WMD allegedly hidden at Iraq according to Bliar, but found Bleeding to Death, without yet clearly knowing if somebody pushed him to Suicide or if it was a Murder), etc.

At the moment when many People are Waiting, at last, for the forthcming Post-Election Publication of the too much Delayed "Chilcot's Report", (without illussions, however, that it might, eventually, reveal all the Truth...), obviously, it's not Bliar's old pal Miliband, who might have any Credible reaction able to satisfy Victims' and Citizens' expectations. But it's rather the Conservative Party, (where several Critical Voices still rest alive), certain Lib-Dems (to whom Dr Kely had vainly believed, before his Brutal Death), particularly Together with the fast growing "UKIP" Party of Nigel Farage, etc. who have much Better Chances to attract People's Trust in this regard.

- On Europe, instead of the Sterile, Time and Energy Wasting, Quarrels between Bliar and French President  Chirac, as well as German Chancelor Merkel, etc. back on 2005, resulting on October 2008's first €uroZone's Heads of State/Government Summit in Paris with Sarkozy, discussing, Shaping and deciding a first coordinated European Governments' reaction to the Global Economic Crisis, starting by a Massive Investment Plan, etc, where UK Labour's PM. Brown was obliged to leave, from the Back Door, before Collective Decisions were taken, (etc),

   on the Contrary, new British Prime Minister Cameron succeeded, from 2010 - 2012 onwards, to both keep a Firm stance, and to reach, in fact, a Deal with French President Sarkozy and German Chancelor Merkel, First on Stopping the continuous  Trend towards Excessive Augmentations of EU Bureaucracy's Budgets, Starting to raise Questions on the need to better tackle Migration issues in the EU, as well as on (implicitly but really) Heading towards Defining EU's Focus only on certain Policies, mainly around the Common Market (the Biggest Integrated collective Market in the World), and Digital Technologies, etc., in the Future, while €uroZone Countries, mainly around France and Germany, would be Frzee, if they wished so, to Solve their Problems as they Believed Better for them, including, f.ex. by Advancing towards a Closer Integration of their Financial and Economic policies, (via the "€uroArea" Treaty, Banking Union, etc) : Something which would, naturally, be alsp Beneficial to the UK, particularly by ensuring more Prosperous Trade Patrners inside a Wider EU Common Market, where a Majority of Brittish Exports are sold, (etc). And this, "De Facto" deal, has been, basically, respected until now, even by new French Socialist President Hollande.

   Now, the Popular Referendum that Cameron is proposing  on UK's Future Relation vis a vis the EU, might become a key-part of the Basis for an eventual Post-Election Government Agreement including the Fast Growing "UKIP", etc.. Nigel Farage's frustration and impatience for such a Referendum on "December 2015" at the latest, might be understandable, but, nevertheless, Cameron's wish for 2017 looks also Logical : Indeed, it's on 2017 that are expected important Elections both in France and Germany, which are due to help Shape EU's foreseable Future, (and, if Sarkozy's recently observed, energetic 2015 re-Launch, which seems Ready to Grow in Popularity, is confirmed before the Spring of 2017, then, provided also that a pro-Merkel trend keeps its main thrust in Germany, everything could go, in substance, and even much Better, (f.ex. including on Migration policies, etc), according to the 2010-2012, implicit but real, Strategic Deals on EU's foreseable Future, already brokered between Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel, who know well eachother.

    Meanwhile, another Important Geo-Political Rendez-Vous, naturaly at the forthcomiing, 2016 USA Presidential Elections, where Obama's sharply Falling popularity, among several Unsolved and/or Growing Problems, (of which, the Dangerous Spread of particularly Brutal Islamist Terrorism, as that of ISIS, obviously has become now an Important Issue), seems to guarantee a Republican Party's most probable Win : In that case, it's obviously much more the Conservative Party of Cameron, than Miliband's Labour, which might Fit Better for the Advancement of a good Anglo-American Partnership in the foreseable Future.


- As for the Extremist Islamist Terrorist Threats against Christian, Jewish and even other Muslim People, mainly around but also inside Europe, and even at the USA, there is no doubt today :

After the notorious Mass Killings in Iraq and Syria, mainly by ISIS' related armed gangs, a growing and systematic persecution of Christians at an "Arc" surounding EU and EurAsia was recentlty documented and denounced also by EU Parliament last week, from Kenya and Nigeria up to Libya, at the Mediterranean shores of Europe, while sporadic but multiplying Deadly Attacks spread even inside the EU, from Paris and Marseilles up to Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Copenhagen, etc, and now even at Texas (USA).

The issue of a much needed Protection of persecuted Christians (f.ex. in the Middle East, etc) is among the British Conservative Party's Manifesto aims, while  Europea, Conservatives and Reformists' Group at EU Parliament, led by British MEPs, played a crucial role in the adoption of a 1st strong Resolution against all kinds of Deadly Persecution of Christians, and People naturally feel that UK Conservative party's leader Cameron is better suited for protecting them from such dangers also througout Europe, including at Home.

This could naturaly be, in addition, one of the main points of an eventual Post-Election, Conservatives-led Government Agreement particularly with Nigel Farage's UKIP and other parties.

   Let's Hope, at least, that we won't see in Today's Britain a Scandalouslky Undemocratic Discrimination of 2010, when UKIP winning more than 3% with almost 1 Million Votes wasn't allocated any MP seat at all ("0" - ZERO), while, on the Contrary Other Parties, which had got only a little bit more than 1 Hundred Thousand Votes (i.e. 9 or 10 Times Less than the UKIP), were given, nevertheless, 3, 5 or even 8 MP Seats, (as f.ex. Plaid Cymru,  Sinn Fein and DUP) !...


   Last, but not least, (considering also the Popular Debates which have more or less Shaken recently the Public opinion in France, USA, the UK, etc, as in Smaller European Countries too, such as Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ireland, etc), it's true that many People feel Today seriously Frustrated by the way in which Natural Families, founded by a Man and a Woman, as well as Natural Births of Children, have been recently, and still are, more and more Pressured, Restrictzed, Underestimated, etc, to the sole benefit of some Shady Technocratic Lobbies Hidden behind -and/or Exploiting- certain "LBGTI" Groups, in order to get a hold over the Reproduction of Human Beings, apparently aiming to Submit more and more Human Births to the Power of a Shady Technocracy, with Dangers against Humankind, which are generaly well known, particularly in the Fatherland of Aldus Huxley, writer of "Brave New World", and  Orwell, etc... Mainly imposed during the Out-Going "Liberal" (i.e. "Socialist", according to the European terminology) US President Obama's, currently finishing, period, this obviously was one among the Major reasons for which many People (even  MPs) were incited to leave their traditional  Conservative Party, attracted mainly by the "UKIP", (which suddenly became very Popular, jumping from 4% up to 15% or even 17% accordibng to most Polls).

   A similar phenomenon had initialy appeared already back on 2009, during the Previous EU Parliament's Elections, when Bliar's unpopular Turkey EU "Candidature" had suddenly propulsed "UKIP" as the No 2 British Party, Higher even than the Governing then Labour party. A Controversial recent, 2013-2014 EU Deal due to facilitate the possibility of an Entry without any need for Visa, to all  75 Millions of Turkish Citizens inside the EU from 2017 onwards, might make UKIP grow even Higher, (unless something is done, Urgently to Prevent that obvious Risk  to expose all the EU to a notoriously Recalcitrant to Integration, and recently even ISIL-related, Mass Migratory moves between EU and Turkey)...

   Any Socio-Poltical Error in these 2 Directions could also make Relations Difficult even with the USA and/or France, as well as probably Other key Countries , in the foreseabla Future, given, particularly, the Fact that, on the Contrary, unexpectedly Strong Popular Fights for the protection of Natural Family and Natural Births of Human beings, as well as against a too Abrupt Islamisation of Western Societies, in addition to the recent Geo-Political and Moral Concerns vis a vis a growing Threats by Brutal Islamic Terrorism as ISIS' etc., are expected to play an Important Role for the selection of the New Political Leaders in the USA, and probably also France, may be Germany, etc, during the Next few Years, (Comp. above). And the British Conservatives would certainly be much more Keen, than Labour,  to establish a Good Cooperation with such Future Leaders in the USA, France, probably Germany too (since Merkel already stressed, on 2015, that she would like to have anew the Liberals or even the Greens, as Allies in the Government, instead of the Socialists, who obliged her to make unpopular Concessions f.ex. on SSM, on Turkish a.o. Immigrants, etc, contrary to her Electoral Program, plebiscitated with 40% of Votes by  the German People on September 2013).

   Certainly, it's also a Fact that the 2010 Conservative Party's pre-Electoral "Manifesto" hadn't said Anything about "Same Sex Marriage", etc., while, even afterwards, a Majority of Conservative MPs voted Against that Controversial Bill at Westminster, while the initial Breaches had been made by "New Labour" former PM Bliar's "Same Sex Partnerships", back since 2003, etc, and Dangerous Loopholes about Human ReProduction by "Surrogate Mothers" and/or "Medically Assisted Procreation" (Comp. above), had already been opened even earlier, by other Governments in the Past (f.ex. 1985, etc), while current US President Obama's, as well as of some Lobbies', Pressure for Same Sex Marriages, "Multi-Culti" Islamisation, etc, were obviously Intensified recently , (a New York Republican Politician had even Warned, that "Obama will go .. Full Mussolini !", after losing the latest Mid-Term Elections at the US Congres and Senate)..

   But the Addition, at the same time, of Popular Aspirations for Peace, and not War-mongering, at Ukraine, and Cooperation with Russia for Development, as well as Growing developments about Rightists of "FN" revendicating the 1st place among French Political Parties, (particularly as long as Sarkozy hadn't yet been re-Activated), and even the emergence of New Movements and/or Parties with elected Representatives at EU Parliament or otherwise present at other Levels, even in Germany, all at the Right side of Politics, (f.ex. "Alternative for Germany", NPD,  "Free Citizens", "PEGIDA", etc), taken All Together with Nigel Farage's actualy concluding Call for British People to "Believe ... that in this year, the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, ... we should seize the opportunity for Real Change in our politics; rebalance Power from large Corporations and big Government institutions and put it back into the Hands of the People of this country", reveal a Crystal-Clear Trend :

   => The most adequate and Democratic Solution for Great Britain Today, would obviously be a New Government, based mainly on a Conservative Party accepting UKIP's offer for Support without Participation, (as it has already been   done in other Countries, f.ex. in the Netherlands, and elsechere in Europe), to which could be added the Liberals, (particularly if they revive their Anti-Bliar color, which had made them much more popular than SSM), and/or others.

   On the Contrary, any kind of eventual Return "Back to Bliar", with Miliband's Labour, etc. would be quite Undemocratic, (pending Confirmation, later ToNight,  after 10 p.m., of British People's votes), and may, very probably, lead to various kinds of Problems, Troubles, if not a Socio-Political "Explosion", (mutatis-mutandis, as it has been already seen also in some other Countres in History).

   Probably in a distinct, typically "Brittish" style, in one way or another. But, nobody should ever Underestimate the People of the "Bill of Rigts", of Captain Drake,  nor of Cromwell or Shakespear.. Unless its Experienced Intelligence invents, anew, another, unexpected way to Prevent Falling Back, and ensure Advancing resolutely Forward !
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