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Author Topic: Constantinople/Istanbul: Turkey celebrates its Invasion/Ocupation...  (Read 4484 times)
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« on: June 02, 2016, 07:34:31 AM »

Turkish regime's Boasting, last Sunday, about the Invasion and Occupation of the OverMillenary Capital of the Christian Empire of Byzance : Constantinople : 330 - 1.453, (ReNamed by Ankara as "Istanbul" after the 1955 Pogrom against the surviving Greek Inhabitants), some Centuries after the 1.453 Massacre of its Defensors (as Emperor Konstantinos Paleologos, who made a moving "European" speech to his Soldiers before Sacrificing themselves to an Unequal Battle, undermined by a Betrayal), is really Upseting Nowadays.  

Nobody else doesn't behave in a similar Provocative way as Turkish current Rulers do : We've Never seen, f.ex., the British boast for Invading and Occupying ...London, nor the French for Invading and Occupying ...Paris,  or the Spanish for Invading and Occupying ...Madrid, or the Russians for Invading and Occupying ...Moscow, (etc) !

But, by being Alone in the World to do so, the controversial Turkish President Erdogan also commits the Error to Highlight, at the same time, the Fact that Turkey is sitting nowadays on Foreign Lands, (as even the 1920 International Peace Treaty of Sevres also reminds) :

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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2016, 10:32:02 AM »

After the latest Turkish Government's provocation to start reading Islamic Coran inside the over-millenary Christian Church of Agia Sophia (Sainte Sophie) at Constantinopolis (330 - 1.453 AC, renamed Istanbul only after the 1955 "Pogrom" there), it's High Time for the proposal made by former Council of Europe Assembly's Member, Young Russian Writer Fedorov, to become true in real practice :

      Fedorov, raising a Question to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan after his speach in Strasbourg where he had boasted that everything was OK in nowadays Turkey, had asked him :

         - "If it's true that Religious Freedom might be really Respected by Ankara's authorities Today, as you've just claimed, then, could you kindly  tell us when Christians from all over Europe and the World could, anew, gather to simply celebrate a Mass in their over-Millenary Church  of Agia Sophia at Constantinopolis ?"....

Everybody can guess that he didn't get any straight answer at all, (Erdogan claiming, then, that the Historic Christian Church had been turned into a secular "Museum", where any Religious practice was Prohibited.

Now it seems that he'd Changed his mind...

=> But, Fedorov's question (raised in front of 800 Millions' Council of Europe's citizens) still remains on official records !

May be, once, Agia Sophia (means "Holy Wisdom") will be restored after being grossly disfigured/destroyed, like Palmyra, invaded by ISIS but afterwards saved, Today...

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