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Author Topic: Libya hasN't Any Real, Fully Fledged Government at all...  (Read 5284 times)
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« on: December 29, 2019, 07:21:41 PM »

Turkish President Erdogan's pompously repeated claim that he would be the only one having Libyan Government's approval to bring his Military Troops intrude into the Country, is a Blatant Lie : Because, in fact, currently, Libya has Not yet any Real, Fully Fledged Government at all !

The so-called team of "GNA", alias "Government of National Accord", is NOT an Elected, Real "Government", Neither "National" at all, and, unquestionably, there is NO "Agreement" in Libya for it to exist or act in such matters...

In Fact, on 2014, (after General Haftar launched a 1st "Operation Dignity" until Tripoli), the Transitional Post-Kaddafi Institutions of Libya, (the so-called "General National Congres" : GNC), charged with the Task to prepare a New Constitution and set up New, Permanent Institutions throughout the Country, decided to launch Elections for a Brand New Parliament, the "House of Representatives".

But when, in the Electoral Results, Libyan People Voted mainly for a Secular and Federalist Parliament, after a low turnout, the Islamist Radicals Refused to recognize the New Parliament of Libya, made a Putch, various Brutal Aggressions, and Obliged the just Elected New Libyan Parliament to Flee Tripoli and Settle at Tobruk, (Eastern area), where it remains until Now, with stable International Recognition.

On the Contrary, the Putchists claimed to Return Back to the Old and, meanwhile, Dissolved "GNC", alone (See Above).

On 2015, the UN, (i.e. during Barack Hussein Obama's Administration in the USA, Francois Hollande in France, etc), tried to Impose to the Divided Country an UNELECTED, and merely INTERIM, Care-Taker Governance, with a Team that they nick-named as "GNA", alias "Government of National Accord" - which does not even really control Tripoli, being obliged, at first, to stay on a ...Ship, at the Sea, before being established, until now, at a Naval Base, (sic !)...

It was Charged with the Task to Prepare New Elections, in 2 Years Time, (i.e. around 2017), and, according to a parallel , direct Deal between the New, Tobruk-based House of Representatives, and the remnants of GNC at Tripoli, its Members were Chosen by a "Committee" agreed by the 2 Rival Parliaments, who Must, normaly, take their Decisions Unanimously.

But, After having, notoriously, Failed to deal with the Economy, and even Less with the Security in Libya, that so-called "GNA" did Not even managed to prepare Any Democratic Election at all, Not even on 2017, inciting the General Haftar to Launch, from 2018, a New and popular "Operation Dignity", against that Band of Usurpators Hidding someplace inside Tripoli...

Meanwhile, Haftar (who was Elected Head of Libya's National Army : LNA by the House of Representatives, and Endorsed by the Chiefs of Navy, Air Force, and many in the Army) had become Popular among Libyan People, for having succesfully Liberated a lot of Territories from Deadly Islamist Terrorists' Armed Gangs, (including Benghazi City from ISIS), etc., while, on the Contrary, the House of Representatives had Voted, (Twice), against the "NGA" of Tripoli, to Destitute it.

And during 2019, the House of Representatives-Backed LNA of General Haftar has notioriously announced its Will to definitively Liberate Tripoli from Putchists, Usurpators, Islamist Armed Gangs, etc, on April and December. Nowadays, it has, reportedly, Advanced Further towards that Aim, inter alia, also accross the Full Highway of the (abandoned) Big Airport at the Center, as well as in the Western side (where is located the Biggest Refinerie of the Country), and Seized Turkish Arms, a Neighbourhood, etc., while launching AirStrikes against Tripoli's Mitiga Airport.

Meanwhile, Turkey has been reportedly sending several Airplanes Boeing 747 payloads full of Deadly Weapons and Ammunition to one of the two sides in conflict, in blatant Violation of the UN Embargo on Weapons throughout all Libya...
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