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Author Topic: Support Egypt: What reveals ISIL Cowards' Horror againsg 21 innocent Civilians ?  (Read 2883 times)
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« on: February 17, 2015, 05:01:27 AM »

All for Egypt:  What reveals ISIL's Horror of Cowardish Deadly Crimes against 21 innocent Egyptian Christian Civilians ?

The Atrocious Bestiality, but also Cowardisse to BeHead 21 Egyptian Christians by Extremist Islamic terrorists of ISIL at Libya's Mediterranean coast, obviously is a Direct Threat against all Europe and far beyond.

But it also betrays from where the move might really come from : Noone among the various Neighbouring Countries hasn't currently shown such an Exceptionaly serious Hatred against modern Egypt, except from Turkey's regime, and, that, for a Hidden but Real Motivation serving Shady Interests which have Nothing to do at all with Hypocritical "Religion" pretexts, but, in fact, only with Avidity, Usurpation and Money !

=> Such petty but Monstruous Crimes really STINK twice, from many points of view....

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