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Author Topic: For whose Interests works the Outgoing EU Commission? Why Block EUEnergy+Growth?  (Read 6235 times)
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« on: June 08, 2014, 05:40:33 PM »

For whose Interests works in fact the Out-going EU Commission ?  Strange, systematic Blockades on Energy and Growth...

Out-going EU Commission has just Blocked the projected Strategic Gas-Pipeline "Southstream" , due to bring Energy inside the EU from Rusia through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Italy, as well as probably Greece, etc, under various Bureaucratic pretexts.

For whose shady Interests are working Portuguese Mr Baroso's out-going pals ? It has been too many years now that, systematically, someone inside the EU Commission is systematically attempting to disrupt all efforts to provide Energy to the EU from Russia, be it through Ukraine, via the North Stream and/or the South Stream pipeline, etc....

And why are those Brussels Bureaucrats even Hindering Economic Growth, particularly much needed in EU Countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, etc., (while being, for + 10 Years now, so eager to push towards controversial, expensive and risky Pipelines via ...Turkey, instead) ?

Be it at the Right of the Left side of the Politica spectrum, EU Citizens have just massively voted for a really New EU Commission, due to be Headed by a really pro-European New President, who must not be at all an adept of the Strange stance that it would and should always be ..."a Nonsense" to believe that Europe can and must become able to speak in Equal terms vis a vis the USA, instead of always obeying to Washington DC's desiderata, as Mr. Basoso has notoriously declared even before his EU Commission's appointment in the Past...
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« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2014, 02:46:14 PM »

Aujourd'hui, 17:28

« La construction du gazoduc South Stream est inévitable » (ministère bulgare de l’Énergie)

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