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Author Topic: Ukraine's New Front confirms Merkel : No Military, only Political solution  (Read 7113 times)
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« on: August 25, 2014, 03:03:58 PM »

Merkel was proved to be right :

- There is No Military, but only Political Solution to Ukraine's deadly and destructive civil war.

Particularly if 10% of such kind of News, as the following, are at least partly real :

(It looks as if most of Kiev's Military could only find Easy to bomb, damage and kill unarmed Civilians, even Family Homes, Schools, Hospitals, etc, but finds it Difficult to Fight between opposed armed groups)...



23 Hours before

War - reversing

This is not the end of the pro-American nationalist regime in Kiev, but this is a definite change in the course of events - final and irrevocable.

And it is very symbolic that it happened on the day of independence of Ukraine, which is on such a scale decided to celebrate seized power latter-day masters of the country, a traitor to his people. Very early, they decided to celebrate. Early and for the last time. And even trying to hide behind national symbols, trying to push their own interests (as well as the interests of the United States) under the banner of patriotism and the preservation of the state - they will not help.

Now what's really going on. Not at the banquet table in Kiev, not in the parade, not a fantasy retarded pseudo-patriots, to look into his mouth traitors who lie more often than breathe (though maybe they should already have started to believe in what they say).

The following occurs:

Combat-capable residues Ukrainian army - it balances and not the army, because the army ended a full last week in South boiler where killed or caught up in almost all parts boesoposbnye staffed by military personnel, and not yesterday's laborers, porters, locksmiths and other reservists, first saw the machine. So - these remnants of the army, which was carried out during the last week almost hopeless attempt to surround Donetsk - now found themselves in an environment as a result of competent maneuver reserves by the militia.

About the assault of Donetsk and Luhansk from this day Kiev could forget. Permanently. About taking these towns - even more so.

The question is no longer in the occurrence of the Ukrainian army (or rather its residues) at Donbass. The question is an organized retreat to the transition to oborode Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Mariupol and then.

But an orderly transition to the defense is only possible if Kiev will pull out of the encirclement near Donetsk at least half of those parts that were there.

Surrounded were 28 th, 30 th and 95 th Brigade, private battalions Aidar (possibly Azov), Donbass and Shahtersk, and - very importantly - the headquarters of the 8th Army Corps.

This is almost all of the combat-ready, which remained at the disposal of Kiev until yesterday. If they can not get out of the environment (and the experience of the Southern boiler showed that the militias are unlikely to release more than a quarter) - to protect entrenched in Kiev national traitors will be virtually none. Moreover, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Formation of new pieces by the third wave of mobilization - it is rather a formality. Without commanders and "commissars" (detachments) recruits in the fight will not go. And commanders - most of them are there, surrounded by near Donetsk. And ideological nationalists, ready to go into battle, rather than sit on the couch and fight on the keyboard - the same place.

Formally at the disposal of Kiev there are other forces - logistical support, cartographers, communications, airfield services and ... sailors. Total probably typed two or three more teams. However, their quality is unlikely bout is greater than that recruits. And the desire to fight, too, will be small. If they could be useful as infantry - surely they would have been last week sent to the ambiance of Donetsk.

Kiev missed his last chance.

Chance was a week ago - an orderly retreat and take up defensive positions in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol. But Kiev did not, choosing adventurous attack on the Donetsk and Lugansk.

Then they will say that the reason was the Russian humanitarian convoy. What's in the egg trays machine guns were hidden in cans - shells, and in bags of sugar - the tanks. Yes, and let them speak.

In fact, they have lost from the start, by way of war with its own people, or rather a part of it, but with the most part of which formed the Ukraine, ...... Well. It was their choice.

Do I have to wonder that Kiev once again made a strategic mistake? And they even once made the right decision? They at least once to avoid mistakes?

All "causing maidan" in the face Turchynov, Yatseniuk Poroshenko Avakova, Nalivaychenko and their colleagues - this is one big mistake LP consisting of error smaller order. All they can do - only errors. Specifically chose them such in Washington, or the result of suicidal Ukrainian national identity - a question for a separate study. But the fact remains.

What makes the situation in Kiev, when the troops are spending their last forces to encircle Donetsk, and do it without any success?

Kiev holds parade.

What is characteristic for the parade has been returned from the front part of the art - art that was there really needed. This is only to simplify the task of the militia to encircle the Ukrainian troops. Bravo, Kiev!

However, part of the command in Kiev still starting to think in the right direction.

August 21:  "The Defense Ministry said that the main task of the Ukrainian army in case of retreat should be binding on the line Slovyansk - Mariupol and assumption breakthrough militias DNR in Kharkiv region, and Zaporozhye. To this end, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is currently beginning the creation of two fortified areas: 1) Slovyansk - Kramators'k - Druzhkivka - Constantinovka - from Donetsk 2) Mariupol. "

It was a Thursday. Ministry of Defense of Ukraine began to think about what you will need to do in case of retreat. Here are just on Thursday had to actually start the retreat, and to think about it long before it was necessary.

We had to retreat, to create a line of defense and to negotiate with the Donetsk that they were limited to the territory, which is controlled. But it seems that Kiev is not able to negotiate. Kiev can only hold parades, steal people's money and blame Russia.

Kiev did not even know how to properly retreat. That, in general, naturally. Hitler also did not know how. Hitler also forbade his generals to divert troops from Stalingrad, and then from the other cities. As a result, should the ambiance of the surroundings. Wehrmacht troops fell into one pot after another. Only Hitler had many troops - more than a million. And Kiev, which started the war with the Russian without proper training - from the very beginning there were only 6,000 trained fighters, have been added about 30,000 reservists, and now the original amount remained nearly half.

In this case, the militia of Donbass grown from thousands of volunteers who defended Slovyansk in May to 20,000 fighters at the moment. Militia has actually turned into a full-fledged army, consisting of structured units - brigades, battalions and companies with a centralized command.

Ukrainian army could not take Slovyansk when he defended the 1,000 volunteers surrounded 10000th group of Ukrainian troops. The ratio was 10: 1, and in the art - 100: 1.

Ukrainian army could not enter in Donetsk and Lugansk, when they defended the 5000 militia, and the number of Ukrainian troops sent to the Donbass, reached 30 000 ratio was 6: 1, and in the art - about 20: 1.

Today, the number of Ukrainian troops in Donbass - a little more than 10,000 soldiers, including about 8,000 in the environment. The number of the army of Donbass - about 20,000 fighters. The balance of forces is not in favor of Ukraine. Not to mention the morale and motivation.

Where the million-strong army, which obescheli put under the gun mount patriots? It is not. The majority of those who receive the agenda - are lost forever - go to relatives, moved to rented apartments in the west many go into the woods. And of those who still misses the army - half deserts at the first convenient opportunity. Several thousand fighters Maidan and about 30,000 of those who could not avoid the call - that's all that managed to gather under its banner Kiev russophobia and betrayal. Predictably enough. And now from the original composition remains even less. Approximately half.

Limitless reserves of Soviet technology also in practice were not limitless. Kiev 23 years old sold the most modern equipment from its warehouses. Sold everything - the Middle East, Africa, China. As a result, there are about 1,000 units of relatively intact technology. Three-quarters have either burned or captured by militias or damaged. Even in the art at the moment between the militia and the army of Ukraine reached parity.

Any significant military assistance from NATO in Ukraine has been received and is unlikely to go already, because the Western countries probably watching the developments and consider the hopelessness of military supplies. Especially on credit.

Kiev manages to take a beating in all situations, even in those where it is necessary to specifically try.

Poroshenko surpassed even Yanukovych. Yanukovych most incompetent way lost power, Poroshenko most incompetent way loses the entire country.

Ukrainian army offensive in the Donetsk and Lugansk is completed. Army begins counteroffensive Donbass.

The only question is how quickly it will develop a counter-offensive, and where it ends - in Kiev and Lviv.

And whether there will be a change of government in Kiev before winter. I do not want to rush things beyond what is necessary, but people feel sorry for freezing. The change of power in Kiev at least give an opportunity to restore the gas supply. Only this time on the new conditions. According to the agreement with the new government. Even if temporary.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Setting Ukrainian troops does not mean that they will give up without a fight.

And the lack of a well-organized defense of Mariupol, Slavic, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk also does not mean that the defense will not be at all. There will be more and the remains of Ukrainian troops and commandos and the militants. Will be more heart-rending shriek losing the human form of politicians - and not only in Kiev but also in Brussels and Washington.
Beast cornered usually very dangerous. Therefore, there is still a lot to be battles. There is still Odessa, split in half and unusually angry. Ahead of Kharkiv. There is still the liberation of Kiev - also chopped and split badly.

And for those who still believe in a maidan, in its nationalist idea, in his "Hope truncated nation" - they say this: there is nothing you have not fundamentally changed. Your power was on what not able - or 23 years, or especially in the last 6 months. All that remains in this situation - to do the most usual way for you - try to relax and have fun. Sure - you do it you can. You know how it is. You - not the first time.
And for the Donbas - do not worry. They know their job. They proved it. If they come, it will achieve its. ....... Now for sure.
 DPR army encircles large Kiev military grouping
World  August 24, 11:46 UTC+4
The headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th motor rifle brigades, 95th Ukrainian air mobile brigade, punitive battalions Aidar, Donbass and Shakhtersk were entrapped

© ITAR-TASS / Zurab Javahadze, File
DONETSK, August 24 /ITAR-TASS/. The army of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has blocked completely a large grouping of Kiev military forces in six republicansettlements on Sunday.

Militias take control of 3 towns in eastern Ukraine — Novorossiya News Agency
The headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th motor rifle brigades, 95th Ukrainian air mobile brigade, punitive battalions Aidar, Donbass and Shakhtersk were entrapped, the DPR army headquarters said citing reconnaissance data.
“Around five thousand servicemen with weapons and around 50 tanks, more than 200 combat armoured vehicles, about 50 multiple launch rocket systems Grad and Uragan, more than 100 artillery guns and mortars were blocked in the trap,” the army headquarters said.
The DPR army has tightened the assault on a military grouping of around two thousand servicemen from punitive battalions Azov and Dnepr which are armed with around 30 tanks, more than 80 armoured vehicles, over 60 artillery guns and mortars. DPR military forces are destroying this Ukrainian grouping near the settlement of Olenovskoye, the army headquarters added.
These successful military operations became possible thanks to the fact that the DPR army headquarters decided to pass from military action by small units to full-scale operations by full-fledged formations and army units.
“The DPR army headquarters decided to give up action by small units and shift to military action by full-fledged formations and army units which are provided with full fire support,” the republican army headquarters said.
Three infantry brigades were formed from militia units. A voluntary regiment was set up of Ukrainian servicemen, who had voluntarily taken DPR side, and Donbass coalminers.
“For the last two days two tank battalions, three multiple launch rocket system battalions, two self-propelled howitzer battalions, three battalions of cannon artillery guns of different calibers and eight mortar batteries have been formed of military hardware and weaponry militias had captured in a counteroffensive operation for the last two days,” the army headquarters noted.
Ukrainian National Guard loses 182 men over 24 hours — DPR

World  August 25, 13:15 UTC+4
Militias said on Sunday that they had decided to change their tactic to full-scale operations by fully capable formations and units, providing them with necessary fire support

DONETSK, August 25. /ITAR-TASS/. The army of the self-proclaimed Donetsk’s People's Republic (DPR) on Monday reported that 107 Ukrainian National Guard servicemen were killed and 75 wounded over the past 24 hours.
Militias said on Sunday, August 24, that they had decided to change their tactic to full-scale operations by fully capable formations and units, providing them with necessary fire support.
During the overnight fighting, the DPR army completely blocked a large grouping of Ukrainian military forces in six settlements - 5,000 servicemen from the Azov, Aidar and Dnieper battalions equipped with different types of hardware.

By Monday morning, the DPR army had trapped at least 7,000 Ukrainian service
men armed with about 120 tanks, over 380 armored vehicles and about 1,000 Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems.  


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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 03:04:58 PM »



Donetsk fighters encircle third Ukrainian army grouping

World  August 25, 14:09 UTC+4
About 2,000 Ukrainian troops, over 100 pieces of the armor and about 60 artillery guns of various caliber have been encircled by Donetsk fighters

DONETSK, August 25. /ITAR-TASS/. Self-defense militias of the Donetsk People’s Republic have encircled a third attack force of the Ukrainian army by Monday morning, the local news agency Novorossiya reported.
The third Ukrainian army grouping was encircled near the settlements of Stepanovka, Amvrosiyevka and Stepano-Krynka, Novorossiya reported, referring to the militia headquarters.
“All throughout the night, the militia’s forces were concentrated on narrowing the encirclement rings around two Ukrainian army groupings blocked near the settlements of Voikovsky, Kuteinikovo, Blagodatnoye, Alekseyevskoye, Uspenka and Ulyanovskoye and in the area of the settlement of Olenovskoye,” the news agency reported.
The militia headquarters have reported that “over 40 tanks, about 100 infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and airborne combat vehicles, about 50 Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems and over 60 field artillery guns and mortars have been encircled.”
Surprise attacks by Donetsk militias have also encircled a Ukrainian army grouping near the settlement of Yelenovka, Novorossiya reported.
About 2,000 Ukrainian troops, over 100 pieces of the armor and about 60 artillery guns of various caliber have been encircled by Donetsk fighters who have also liberated the populated areas of Novodvornoye, Agronomicheskoye, Novokaterinovka, Osykovo, Klyonovka, Stroitel and Leninskoye, the militia said.
Donetsk self-defense fighters are also cutting off Ukrainian troops from Ilovaisk along the line of the populated areas of Agronomicheskoye, Kuteinikovo, Voikovo and Osykovo, the militia headquarters said.
A militia reconnaissance has carried out a successful attack on the Ukrainian army in the Starobeshevsky district of the Donetsk Republic, the headquarters said.
Donetsk fighters have also attacked a patrol of the Ukrainian Azov battalion near the settlement of Novy Svet some 30 km (19 miles) from the border with Russia, killing and wounding Ukrainian troops, Novorossiya said, citing combat reports of the Donetsk People’s Republic.
A battle is continuing for control over the Novoazovsk checkpoint, Novorossiya reported. The pro-Kiev Dnepr-1 battalion sent in support of the Ukrainian troops was stopped by fire from a group of guerilla snipers. Several Ukrainian servicemen were wounded, Novorossiya reported.
The latest military successes by Donetsk self-defense fighters have become possible as the militia headquarters have switched from military action by small units to full-scale operations by full-fledged formations and army units, the militia said.
“The army headquarters of the Donetsk People’s Republic have decided to give up action by small units and shift to military action by full-fledged formations and army units which are provided with full fire support,” the republican army headquarters said.
Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army’s headquarters claimed destroying the militia’s eight tanks, 10 combat vehicles and 250 self-defense fighters during the night.
Units of the Ukrainian National Guard are hurriedly leaving Mariupol, Novorossiya reported, citing local residents.
Trucks full of armed people have been leaving Mariupol since Monday morning and heading for the town of Mangush and the Zaporozhye Region, eyewitnesses said.
Military experts of the Donetsk People’s Republic have said the hurried retreat of the Ukrainian troops from Mariupol can be explained by self-defense fighters’ successes on the southern front.
Donetsk militia earlier said that subversive and reconnaissance groups of the eastern Ukraine self-defense army had burst into Mariupol on Sunday night.
The militias’ subversive and reconnaissance groups also started battles back on Saturday near the town of Novoazovsk 47 km (29 miles) from Mariupol. Donetsk fighters have liberated several populated areas by Monday morning, including Telmanovo, a local administrative center close to Mariupol.
At the same time, Ukrainian army units and a part of the National Guard are still staying in Mariupol, the Donetsk People’s Republic said.
ITAR-TASS has no confirmation of this information from other sources.
The Ukrainian military established control of Mariupol in mid-June, after which the pro-Kiev Donetsk regional administration moved to the city.
Pro-Kiev troops and local militias in the eastern Ukrainian Donetsk and Luhansk regions are involved in fierce clashes as the Ukrainian armed forces are conducting a military operation to regain control over the breakaway regions, which on May 11 proclaimed their independence at local referendums.
During the military operation, Kiev has used armored vehicles, heavy artillery and attack aviation. Many buildings have been destroyed and tens of thousands of people have had to flee Ukraine’s embattled east.
NEWS Novoross
Breaking News New Russia
> Armed Forces DNR intend to in the short term to control Mariupol     -    25/08/2014

Armed Forces DNR intend to quickly establish control over Mariupol, said Monday the first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin DNR.

"We do plan to in the new counter-offensive tactics to pass Novoazovsk and get to Mariupol, thereby closing the ring for the National Guard under Ilovaiskaya" - said Purgin.

"Ukrainian army is exhausted. They tried for a month to get Donetsk, where they sent the main force. Nothing from what they did, didn't work. And given the weak supply,  their possibilities were exhausted"- said Deputy Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the deputy commander of the (Kiev's) punitive battalion "Azov" Public Affairs Igor Mosiychuk said Monday in "Facebook" that the Ukrainian military clashed with militias in the town Novoazovsk.

"There is an attack at Novoazovsk and Mariupol," - said in a statement Mosiychuk.

According to him, the men of the battalion "Azov" and the military are trying to halt the offensive militias, "but the forces are not equal," since the militia 'advantage in artillery and armored vehicles. " 
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« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2014, 06:06:12 AM »

Merkel was proved to be right : - There is No Military, but only Political Solution to Ukraine's deadly and destructive civil war.

Particularly if 10% of such kind of News, as the following, are at least partly real : (...)


 > There is, certainly, something really new going on, (even if it's not yet completely clear, and censorship added to manipulations and disinformation or Mediatic diversions, is currently aggravating the opacity which hides the real situation), as various converging facts reveal.

F.ex., among many others, see also :

-(1) + (2) Pro-Kiev's "kievpost" Media that exceptionaly, published now 2 different original stories, with interviews inside the Ukranian Capital AND at the Front in Eastern Regions, both of which contain different witnesses' denunciations of the fact that the Ukranian Authorities abandon alone those who are volunteering to fight, with the result for many of them to be killed or blocked at risky front-lines.

- (3) Kiev's Government itself has just admitted (according to BBC and other Foreign Media of various Western European Countries) that Armed Groups with Tanks and armored vehicles coming through the Dissident Region of Donetsk have just arrived until Mariupol and/or even only a few Kms from NovoAzovsk, a city located at the Coast of Azov Sea !

- (4) Brittish Newspaper "Guardian", which has Reporters on the spot, just Warned of an imminent Risk that Dissidents may "make life Harder" for Kiev's forces "by Opening a 2nd Front at the South".

- (5) Indeed, according to pro-Dissidents' websites "SouthFrontEng", :

"Dear readers, here is a long-awaited gift from the militia of Donbass to Ukraine on the Independence Day:

"The DPR army has completed the encirclement of the powerful groups controlled by Kiev military forces in the area of settlements Voikovsky, Koteinikovo, Blagodatnoye, Alekseevskoye, Uspenka and Ulyanovsk total 7,000 people, 80 tanks, more than 280 armoured fighting vehicles, more than 160 guns and mortars.

According to the Headquarters of DPR army in the past two days there has been encircled a headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th mechanized brigade, 95th air brigade of Ukraine armed forces, as well as the battalions "Aidar", "Donbass" and "Shakhtersk".

There have been destrooyed a battery of missile launchers "Smerch (Tornado)" (4 pieces), 12 launchers of "Grad", 17 tanks, more than 30 armoured fighting vehicles, about 50 cars of ammunition and killed more than 150 people. There have been captured 7 warehouses with a large quantity of ammunition and food seized by the Ukrainian National Guard from the locals during the "moppin-up", including off-road vehicles.

In the past days after a long positional battles the DPR army went ahead and carried out a successful operation to block two large groups of the Ukrainian forces. The settlements Novodvornoye, Agronomicheskoye, Novoekaterinovka, Osykovo, Klenovka, Stroitel and Leninskoye have been set free."


However Spectacular such new moves appear in a Map, it remains, nevertheless, to be seen whether they represent, indeed, a real "Reversing" of the Military situation, as Dissidents' defence militia claimed, or just some advances of their for defence forces, (which, at any case, have already proved their capacity and, more important : Motivation, by still resisting to Kiev's Army's Military Attacks for 5 Months now)..

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« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2014, 11:25:07 AM »

Indeed, according to more recent data, the Dissidents/Autonomists at Eastern Ukraine's Donetsk/Luhansk regions (re-named "NovoRussia"), would have succeeded to reach as far as .. the Azov Sea (as well as to Surround a Kiev's Army Group, that is on the process of being neutralized) !

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« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2014, 01:14:26 PM »

"Novorossia"s New Head, Alexander Zacharenko, has already launched an appeal to Kiev's Ukranian Soldiers' Mothers to ask their Sons who are among the trapped and surrounded Bataillons to surrender Peacefully, in order to save their Lives, promissing even to let them take them back Home soon, if they abandon their arms on the spot.

=> Merkel proved, indeed, to be right : Poroshenko can't, no more, impose a Military solution. Instead, a Political, negotiated Solution to the Ukranian Conflict appears from now on as the only feasible and realistic way out of the crisis.
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« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2014, 12:22:57 AM »

In fact, not only they succeeded to arrive to the Azov Sea Coast a strip large enough in order to start surrounding Mariupol (A), but they even managed to attack 2 Kiev Military's Ships far inside the Sea (B) !



+ Video :" width="607" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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