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Author Topic: Online News Association and Journalistic Deontology (as well as Web Time frames)  (Read 7180 times)
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« on: August 21, 2014, 08:49:10 AM »

Famous long-time European/International Federation of Journalists' Secretary General, Aidan White, an experienced COE/EU Expert on Press Freedom, and current President of the global Ethical Journalism Network, has just pointed at an original idea among the recently Emerging projects for various kinds of Deontology of Journalism, a particularly Multi-Facet and Participatory one, prepared by the Online News Association, which is due to be discussed and finalized at ONA's forthcoming Annual International Conference at Chicago, 25-27 September 2014, with key-note speakers such as Paula Poindexter, Professor at Austin University, Texas, and President of the World's largest Associasion of Press and Communication Educators, Students and Media Professionals : AEJMC, as well as experienced  Journalists involved on Web Media (from AP's  Fergus Bell,  Social Media & UGC International, up to Swedish-Egyptian Yasmine El Rafie Radio-Web journalist, "Social Media Expert", etc). In Future, a specific Website on Web Press Deontology is reportedly planned to be launched by ONA.

From a Timing point of view, the Good thing is that the Chicago ONA's Annual Conference comes AFTER EU Parliament's Planery session in Strasbourg, a week earlier, and just before an interesting "Digital Alsace" event organized here by the City's Press Club, with the participation also of "Rhenatics" and other potentialy relevant "French Tech" projects in Strasbourg's Region, on October 2, etc. But, the Bad thing, is that all this could be obviously Hard to combine, in real practice, with an exceptionaly important CoE's Autumn PanEuropean Parliamentary Assembly's plenary session in Strasbourg, during all the week of 28 September up to October 3, (partly prepared by earlier PACE events in Paris and at Oslo, right from the beginning of September).

=> Sometimes, you can feel the usefulness of Internet Tele-Conferences, (and, even better : of various kinds of Web Forums and/or Internet Communication Tools, where exchanges can be done between partners at different locations and/or Time frames)...
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« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2014, 07:25:56 PM »

Better check out the leading ideas behind that move. They need to be clarified before been offered to the public as such. Attempts to remodel Journalism and Media in general, are interesting, but might also be dangerous, or, at least, not well elaborated, unless you make sure that it's basicaly OK.

Until then, prudence !
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