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Author Topic: Urgent: Lift Blockade at East Ukraine ! = Worse than GAZA ?  (Read 4090 times)
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« on: August 14, 2014, 10:32:01 AM »

Urgent: Lift the Blockade at East Ukraine ! = Worse than GAZA ?

It has obviously become Urgent to immediately Lift the Blockade around the Dissident Regions of Donetsk/Luhansk  at Eastern Ukraine for a much Needed, elementary Humanitarian Aid, which has already arrived, mainly through Russia, with some 300 Trucks full of Water, Food, Medicine, Electricity Generators, Tents, etc. for Delivery via the ICRC to an area of some 4 Millions Inhabitants, most of whom are already Deprived of Water, Electricity, Phone Communications, Medical Drugs, Fuel and Transports,for more than a Week now, with all Social allowances and even Salaries' payments Blocked since a Month, while Kiev's Military persists Bombing the area and making a growing number of Homes Destroyed, vital Infrastructures Damaged, and Civilian Victims.

But the Blockade that Kiev's Government searches to impose around Donetsk/Luhansk, by Opposing, until now, even Humanitarian Aid's arrival to a suffering Civilian Population, looks Scandalous and must be rapidly lifted !

How is it possible for ICRC to denounce Israel's Blockade of Gaza as an illegal attempt to impose a "Collective Punishment" to a trapped Civilian Population, in "Violation of the International Humanitarian Law", (as it explicitly did since a 2010 Official Statement), that many other International Organisations (including even the UNO), and Big Countries accross the World, have notoriously urged for it to be "Lifted", while, on the Contrary, Nobody of them hasn't yet reacted alike against Kiev's attempts to impose such a Blockade to Donetsk/Luhansk, even vis a vis Humanitarian Aid ?

Noone among Eastern Ukraine's Dissidents didn't ever ... kidnap and killed 3 Children from Kiev, (as some Hamas' fans are accused by Israel to have recently done vis a vis 3 Young Israelis in the Occupied Territories), neither did ever Donetsk/Luhansk's People ... launch Explosive Rockets against Kiev, contrary to what Hamas is accused to repeat recently against Israel), Nor did ever these Dissident Regions ask to eliminate the Ukranian State, as Hamas had for a long time done by Refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist...  Eastern Ukraine's Dissidents only Defend their own Regions, in front of notoriously Deadly and Destructive Military Attacks by Kiev's Army abusing of Heavy Weapons (Tanks, GRAD Missile Launchers, Military Heicoptres, Bombing Airplanes, etc) even against Civilian areas regularly Shelled.

Why then, all those blatant Double Standards, between the Blockades of Gaza and Donetsk/Luhansk ?

And how come that Israel has already accepted, it seems, to Open a Passage for Humanitarian AId to Gaza from Egypt, while, on the contrary, Kiev's Government reportedly still insists to Block Humanitarian Aid to Donetsk/Luhansk from Russian (despite earlier indications and Moscow's acceptance of almost all practical Conditions imposed by Kiev) ?
Despite its notoriously Harsh reactions, Israel didn't Cut Water, Electricity and all Communications in Gaza for as long periods as Kiev's Military Attacks are currently doing against Donetsk/Luhansk Regions...

And, at ay case, the Israeli Government is, at least, Negotiating with Hamas on how to find a way out of the Crisis, while, on the contrary, Kiev's Government still notoriously Refuses, in practice, any real Dialogue with Donetsk/Luhanbsk's Dissidents for a Political Solution to that Conflict, despite several unfulfilled promises.

This has already resulted to Many Agreed CeaseFires in Gaza, several times extended, again and again, while, on the contrary, it only happened for just 1 time in Ukraine, in Unilateraly imposed conditions, and never repeated sine then...

Meanwhile, UNO has reportedly scheduled an Enquiry on alleged Violations of Humanitarian Law in 1 Month of conflict in Gaza now, but not yet for the ...5 Months of Deadly Conflict at Donetsk/Luhansk.

=> Did some forget, in Brussels and/or elsewhere, that Ukraine is a European Country, or does anybody search, in fact, to make Europe even Worse than the long Tragedy of the Middle-East ?

UNO's High Commission on Human Rights has just Warned about the Eastern Ukraine conflict, on August 8, that "it's imperative ... to find a way out of this Murderous and potentially even more Explosive Crisis", where "at least 50 People are being Killed or Wounded every Day".

This obviously isn't a Warning to Ignore at this 100th Anniversary of the Start of the 1st World War (1914-2014), which devastated Europe and other Countries, provoking more Destructions, killing and wounding more People, than any other Conflict in Past History, particularly when various other Risks of Brutal Violence have recently multiplied in several Hotspots around the entire European continent, pointing at a Vital Need for it to become even more United, and Not dangerously Divided...
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