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Author Topic: New OSCE Ukraine Peace Mediator Tagliavini: Urgent: Stop Violence-Start Dialogue  (Read 13291 times)
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« on: June 11, 2014, 05:14:18 AM »

The appointment of experienced Swiss Diplomat Heidi Tagliavini as OSCE Presidency's Mediator for Peace in the Ukranian conflict, by Didier Burkhalter, the Vienna-Headquartered TransAtlantic Organisation for Security and Cooperation, gives some Hopes, considering, in particular, her knowledge of the succesful EU Peace Intermediation in the 2008 Russian-Georgian Conflict, thanks mainly to an initiative of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, (who was then chairing the EU), in agreement with German Chancellor Angie Merkel, but also of the Chechnyan issue, earlier in the 1990ies, as well as of the UN Mission in Georgia, and of the 2010 Ukranian Presidential Election's Monitoring by the OSCE, (almost at the same time that Switzerand was chairing the CoE in Strasbourg), etc.

But a real succes in the New Task, Crucial for Peace and Stability in all Europe, entrusted Now (2014) in Ukraine,  to the former Head of Humanitarian and Human Rights' issues at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign affairs, personaly linked to the nearby Basel Univerity of the OberRhein (Superior Rhine) Tri-National EuroRegion (where participate France, Germany and Switzerland), and with useful relevant experiences even around Bosnia, South Ossetia, Armenia, all Kaukasus, etc., who knows quite well the Russian Language, etc., obviously depends Today mainly from one focal point :

- To manage to broker an efficient Agreement for an immediate Stop to Deadly Violence and the beginning of a substantial Dialogue including  all concerned Parties, in order to find a Political Compromise Solution,  the currently extending and astonishingly aggravating, Deadly Strikes of Kiev's Military against Dissident Donetsk-Luhansk's Eastern regions, tragically affecting even Civilian Pobeforepulation recently with atrociously affected Victims, with growing Destructions even of Family Homes defenseless Women, Children, Wounded People, and even all local Populations; (reportedly submitted to undiscriminate Military Strikes, Electricity and/or Water, Fuel and/or Mobile Phone communication Cuts, systematic Road and Air Transports', Food and/or Medical Care/Drugs' Access' Blockades, etc), provoke too Heavy and irremediable Harm, both from the Humanitarian and the Political points of view, risking to negatively and dangerously Mark all Europe's History...
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« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2014, 07:22:10 PM »

Burkhalter's envoy for Ukraine, Ambassador Heidi Taglavini, has apparently started recently to contribute a quite good job, more and more substantial (f.ex. on making the contact group work, reach ceasefire since late August, and even part of a political agreement, finalised on September, etc), despite obvious obstacles to overcome.

But, as things evolve, particularly since the recent national elections for Kiev's authorities, a few days ago (October 26), the cease-fire and even the political agreements reached previously, will very probably need a fresh political impulse to add some more impetus now, (eve of the December 2014 OSCE Annual Summit).
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