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Author Topic: Exceptional SUSPENSION during EU Elections Results' time !  (Read 5520 times)
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« on: May 26, 2014, 06:29:13 AM »

As many have noticed, any publication on the Forum was exceptionaly suspended during the time needed for a lawful publication of EU Elections' results, (and it might continue, a little bit more, until really useful Analysis can start).

Even BBC abstained from publishing EU Election results' related news, including also various other EU Member Countries in addition to the UK, mainly because of Legal issues partly specific to the UK.

But EuroFora, after careful thought, decided to do much more, in this sens, also in order to make sure that all had really enough Time to find all Data on the Results, throughout all EU Countries, plus EU Parliament's overall view, as well as to simply Study and Analyse them, Think and conclude about what might really be the main thrust of most EU Citizens' political will, as it was expressed in these May 2014 EU Elections, instead of multiplying useless, superficial balderdash, quarels and/or gossip, etc.

Both in order to try to keep the Standard of Quality of this Forum as High as possible, and because EuroFora project's main specific aim is to Help EU Citizens debate before the most important EU/CoE Decisions affecting their lives are due to be taken by EU/CoE Institutions. Something which is naturally expected to Start soon.

=> For the time being : - "Auf WiederSehen !"...
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