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Author Topic: BioEthic NGOs screen MEP Candidates' stance on Natural Family, Embryo, LIfe, etc  (Read 4819 times)
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« on: May 22, 2014, 09:56:23 AM »

BioEthical NGOs screen Candidate MEPs' adherence to Natural Human Values (Family, Embryo, Life +Human Dignity) in order to determine Voters' choices

Several BioEthic values' supporting NGOs launched a series of Converging Calls to Candidates MEPs, inviting them to take a  clear stance on some among the currently "Hotter" BioEthical Issues of Today, (such as "Natral Family", protection of Human Embryos from Technocratic Interferences/Manipulations, etc), in order to determine Voters' choice in the forthcoming, May 24-25 EU Parliament's Elections.

Here are some Links to certain among the most Important of those Popular Initiatives :

- (a creation by the famous French NGO "La Manif. pour Tous").

- (by the always active former President of Council of Europe's Assembly, Lucas Volonte, currently Chairman of yje "Novae Terrae" Foundation, Italy : Exists also Translated in many other EU Member Countries' Languages).

- (by the "One of Us" succesful EU Citizens' Initiative, iitially focused mainly on the Protection of Human Embryo, now due to be enlarged in all Human Life's Dignity).


+ But, at the same time, on EU and Global BioEthical policy controversies of Today, See also  :

- (an interesting Criticism of those who believe that EU might leave BioEthical Issues to Member States' free choice, determined by direct Democratic Elections)   and :  ( ""Never before has there been a universal banner uniting all peoples to rally in protection of the natural family, and never has it needed protection as urgently as now," stated World Congress of Families' -WCF- Director of UN Affairs Doug Clark. "We have created the World Family Declaration to address that need and be that banner", he said, speaking of a Text iitially due to play a Key role at the 2014 WCF's International Annual Congress, scheduled in Moscow, Russia, on September, before Obama attempts to Block it by provoking serious logistics' problems through Economic Sanctions against Russia, under an Ukranian pretext)...

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