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Author Topic: Free Visas to Turks, No Visas to Russians : Who Destroyes Europe ?  (Read 4470 times)
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« on: May 15, 2014, 07:31:58 AM »

It seems that some among the Out-going EU Commission have recently pushed to give a Totaly "Visa Free" Access inside the EU to all the Population of Turkey from 2017, (on the Pretext of its Controversial "Candidate for Accession to the EU" status), while, almost at the same time, they have now Totaly Blocked any Visa for Russians, (on the Pretext of the recently provoked Ukranian Crisis).

>>> Whoever imposes to Europeans a Massive Entry of Turks (including, f.ex. notorious Mafia Gangs, former Torturers/Killers of the "Deep" State machinery, Mass of Unemployed while th Economic Crisis intensifies in Turkey, etc), while, at the same time, Divides them and Separates them from Russian People, of notoriously European Culture, History and even Geography (according also to the famous De Gaulle's call for "a Europe from the Atlantic up to the Ural (Mountains)"), obviously Undermines and threatens to Destroy Europe !

=> Will this issue be Discussed between the 2 main Candidates to EU Commission's Presidency, Schulz and Juncker, etc., or not ?

Otherwise, it's ridiculous to pretend to be against Turkey's controversial EU Bid....
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