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Author Topic: F.Senior EU Officer = candidate of Rightist "Golden Dawn" party in Greece !  (Read 3870 times)
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« on: May 10, 2014, 08:47:48 AM »

A former Director of Operations and Crisis' Management Department at EU's Military Staff (EUMS), the Lt. General (R.) George Epitideios, as well as the f. Head of Special Forces in the Greek Army, Lt. General Eleftherios Synadinos (R.), together with a Dr. in Economy from Zurich University, a Dr. of Law  from Freiburg University, a well-known Heart Surgeon from the famous Swedish "Karolinska" Medical Unversity, etc., are among the Candidate MEPs officially presented by the controversial Rightist Greek Party "Golden Dawn" for the 2014 EU Elections.

Since an unprecedented move during Last Year's Autumn (2013), most of the "GD"'s leadership is still maintained in pre-Trial Detention in Prison, and even all among its National MPs were recently threatened to be also Jailed, after an incident of September last year (2013), during which a Leftist was killed by a Fan of Golden Dawn, who was immediately arrested and admitted his responsibility, but claimed that he was defending himself and his friends from an Aggression by a violent group, including particularly alleged brutalities by the victim himself.

Even if the suspect wasn't at all a regular Member of "GD", but a Jobless Head of Family, who had earlier leaned towards the Left, (and particularly the Communist Party), neverheless, after noisy Demonstrations from the Left, and a subsequent intervention of the JHA Minister, Prosecutors found necessary to extend Investigation on all other activities of that Rightist Party, which was suspected to set up  a "Criminal Organisation", allowing to Jail one after another many among its MPs and to "freeze" ad infinitum all their salaries,  (often pointing at some older, sometimes harsh-looking appearances of certain teams, particularly related and/or exploiting widely acknowledged popular demands for protection of elders and other fragile People from Harassments or Aggressions by petty Criminals, and/or a notoriously excessive Mass Immigration from Pakistan and other far-away countries, regularly sent in great numbers from the too "porous" Turkish Borders, etc. and/or a few other comparatively smaller mistakes of a remote past), at a moment when several Polls indicated for GD almost a 15% of sympathizers.

This, (added also to various other converging Political developments), allowed to the ailing Socialist PASOK Party, (radically diminished since a 2011 political Crash, after its former Leader, G. Papandreou, won the 2009 Elections thanks to promises to Boost the Economy, but claimed afterwards that he didn't know that the Greek State's disproportionate Bureaucracy had provoked a fast-growing, huge Debt since Decades, obliging  to impose from 2010 an unprecedented Austerity to Businesses and to all Citizens), to stiick into an unprecedented Governing Coalition together with the current Prime Minister Antonis Samaras' "New Democracy" (EPP) Party.
 Thus PASOK exploited an even wider Division of the Right, which would have, otherwise,  given to the latter a strong, politicaly Autonomous Government, really able to accomplish drastic Anti-Corruption Reforms, to cut Red tape and drastically Diminish an excessive and often abusive, unpopular Bureaucracy , with a large Majority, as all 2011 Polls had clearly indicated.

Several "Golden Dawn"s critics used to denounce what they felt to be a kind of "Neo-NAZI" movement, but the Party's members strongly reject that, revendicating a  title of "Popular Nationalists".  In Greece's History, an authoritarian Rightist former Prime Minister Metaxas went on record for his famous "No" to Hitler's NAZI regime's demands, not hesitating to face even War first by Mussolini's Facsist regime's Army, and afterwards  by the powerful then Hitlers' Army, back on 1941, succeeding at least to win precious Time for the Allies' defense of the Oil-rich Middle-East region, which was the main aim of Hitler's Military moves from Africa up to Russia, as well as through Greece's geographical "corridor".

Moreover, various other Center-Right or Rightist, small or big, political movements have appeared during recent years, including, f.ex. the "Independent Greeks" (the most important until now), "Drasis" (a new party co-founded by Liberal MEP Skylakakis, formerly EPP, etc), and/or several until now Independent MPs, etc., around (and/or from) the mainstream "New Democracy" party, (with which they should normally cooperate, in one or another way, entirely or partialy, sooner or later.

Another Surprise was the candidacy for EU Parliament also of the Father of a recent Victim of Terrorism, the young Georges Foundoulis, one of the 2 "GD" Members who were Killed in cold-blood Murders with Bullets shot at their Heads by 2 armed and masked Terrorists back on November 2013, who run away and have not yet been found, despite an award promised by JHA Minister Dendias to anyone who might help a Criminal Investigation, which has been totally unsuccesful until now, even if the particularly Sadic Killings, which took place close to a Police Station, were entirely Video-Filmed, and an unknown until then "Leftist" Organisation revendicated by writting the Deadly Shots, (which wounded also a 3rd victim seriously).
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