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Author Topic: Was it really "European" that Debate ?....  (Read 4717 times)
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« on: April 29, 2014, 11:25:49 AM »

Was it really a "European" Debate ?

Doubts are legitimate..

Not only because both the Rightists and the Leftists weren't represented at all, despite many Polls giving them High Scores in several EU Countries, in addition to various EuroSceptics, (but also some other, smaller, often newer, parties, even ProEuropean)...

But much more because, astonishingly, even some among the Leading Top Candidates present at that Debate, didn't seem to have been fully Informed about the Real Stance that their own Political Allies in certain Big and/or Key EU Countries advocate and/or practice in fact...

F.ex., Socialists' Schulz appeared to adopt a somewhat "Softer" stance vis a vis Russia on the Ukranian Crisis, compared not just to Liberals' Verhofstadt, but even vis a vis EPP's Juncker, and closer to what Greens' candidate claimed to advocate, but, by doing so, he obviously looked as if he totally ignored the much "Harder" position against Russia that surfaced recently f.ex. by the French Socialist President Hollande and his Foreign Ministry, who looked eager for more Sanctions, and even took the initiatives to Visit Georgia, in addition to sending, for the 1st time in History, Military Airplanes and Soldiers right in front of Russia's other Borders at some Baltic Countries...
In an almost Symetrical Antithesis, on the contrary, EPP's Juncker's somewhat more "Strict" stance, outspeaking on Sanctions vis a vis Russia, (even if naturally opposing War, and pleading that Sanctions would be an Alternative to that, while also adding Discussions, etc), didn't seem to have been fully Informed of what is the real stance f.ex. of the French EPP party "UMP"s representatives in this regard : At CoE's PanEuropean Assemby, UMP MEPs were among the rare to either Oppose or Abstain vis a vis the Sanctions decided by a Majority against Russian MEPs, (here  = Suspension of Voting Rights and Exclusion from PACE's Leading bodies,, etc). and similar Reluctance was expressed and/or ambient (except from some exceptions as Chirac's former PM JuppĂ©), also  among several other French ChristianDemocrats who logically appeared closer to the famous 2008 Peace Initiative of former French President Sarkozy, when he notoriously succeeded to broker an Agreement between Russian and Georgian Authorities over the Ossettia conflict, without any sanctions against anyone...

+ And even more Anti-Sanctions is the position shared also by the Rightists (who may win the 1st place in EU Elections according to some Polls in France, and may be elsewhere too), the Leftists, and the Neo-Gaullists, of Christian movements, etc, who were not represented 

At any case, one may find Difficult to Understand why Obama's USA, followed shortly afterwards by out-going former Portuguese PM Barroso's and British-origin Cathy Ashton's EU, was so Fast to Add even more Sanctions against Russia, at a 2nd wave of "Punitive" Measures, despite the fact that, meanwhile, the only thing that Russia clearly did was just to Agree with EU and USA a Peace Plan for Ukraine, in Geneva on the 17th of April, and to incite the Eastern Ukraine's Federalist Demonstrators to Free a Swedish Army Officer found curiously strolling around besieged Slaviansk's Defense lines... 

While, at the same moment, those who recently seized Power at Kiev, did nothing else than allow Rightist Extremists reportedly attack and Kill 2 Demonstrators defending their Homes at Slaviansk, where Kiev's Military launched also anoher Armed Attack with Tanks, etc last Thursday, killing another 5 Persons among the Eastern Ukraine's Federalists ! But,, meanwhile, concerning the Geneva Agreement, whose substance is mainly to Echange political "Dialogue" between the various Ukranian forces, with a progressive Desarmament of all Non-State Groups involved in the Ukranian Conflict, and the Lift of all Blockades; Nothing wasn't yet done by those currently in power at Kiev, accused to still leave Maidan Barricades intact and Extreme Right activists Armed, while also sending the Ukranian Army to A!ttack with Military Tanks the Eastern Ukraine's Federalist Demonstrators, killing and wounding several of them, while also imposing  a Military "Blockade" around Slaviansk city, etc.  But for Political "Dialogue" : ZERO, until now !..

.=> Who will impose "Sanctions" against that ? ....

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