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Author Topic: Strasbourg: No 1 in France for armed Djihadists going to Turkey to attack Syria!  (Read 6826 times)
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« on: April 21, 2014, 09:05:22 PM »

Strasbourg city = No 1 in France for armed Islamic Extremist Djihadists traveling to Turkey for attacks on Syria ?! ..

According to the latest news from the mainstream French Press, Strasbourg city, still held by socialist Mayor Ries, (who exploited the division between the parties of the right in order to artificially prolong office, despite a sharp fall of his party into a minority), has become France's No 1 origin of Islamic Extremists, armed Djihadists who travel to Turkey in order to launch deadly attacks in Syria :

While from all other cities the only known cases are just those of two young girls aged just 16  and even 14 years old (finally found in Germany or interepted at the Airport before leaving for Turkey, respectively), as well as or three other youngsters who prefered to return back to their family after being disapointed by the situation that they saw in the Turkish camps of refugees where "training" of armed extremists takes place,

on the contrary, it's only from Strasbourg that at least 12 (twelve !) more cases of young individuals (French or foreign residents) are known for having left to Turkey, since 12/2013, where they reportedly travelled all the way from Antalya, at the West, up to the borders with Syria, at the far east of the country, "without ever being disturbed by the Turkish Authorities", in order to join the rangs of Extremist Islamist Djihadists attacking Syria, (one of them having even been sent to kill both himsef and others by exploding a Bomb, according to official French sources)...

All in all, more than 250 persons are estimated to have left France recently in order to go to Turkey to join armed Islamic Extremist Djihadists launching deadly attacks in Syria, according to the latest numbers revealed by the competent French authorities.

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