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Author Topic: 1st Debate Schulz-Juncker in establishment's lazy Media flops, say Press Critics  (Read 5016 times)
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« on: April 12, 2014, 11:48:54 PM »

Given the good Personal Quality of each one among the 1st two Top Candidates for the job of new EU Commission's President, as well as the Importance of the May 2014 EU Election's real Stakes, most probably, the cause of such a flop is another one :

- The Routine-like way to treat issues by lazy (and notoriously Discredited since many years, vis a vis most EU Citizens) Establishment's Media, such as mainstream (and "Big" in Wasted Salaries) TV Channels, USA-led (+NSA-spied) Tweeter/Facebook, etc. bla-bla ridiculous, monotonus, "His Master Voice", nonsense..

=> Real Europe's Future deserves much Better than such money-wasting, unpopular and lazy Media !

See, f.ex. :

* TV5, Pub for Erdogy, 1st page, ..+.gif (175.04 KB, 969x544 - viewed 808 times.)

* Fra24tv Bla (tap on R)...+.gif (207.13 KB, 895x683 - viewed 769 times.)

* EUElecs, flop, only 59 views since 1,5 Month !.. waste of money...jpg (199.45 KB, 802x950 - viewed 757 times.)
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