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Author Topic: UN Ukraine Envoy sent from Crimea to Turkey eve of Cyprus' Invasion Anniversary  (Read 5483 times)
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« on: March 09, 2014, 10:56:26 PM »


UN Ukraine Envoy ("Fuck the EU !") send from Crimea  to .. Turkey eve of Cyprus' Invasion/Occupation 40th Anniversary !

UNO's envoy for Ukraine, Robert Serry, (whose appointment has been marked by the infamous .. "Fuck the EU !" statement by USA's Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland, at an intercepted Phone Call recently...), was reportedly unwelcome at Crimea, which prepares a Referendum for Autonomy in reaction to the recent Bloody Events at Kiev : After an "AutoDefence" Group reportedly kept him briefly at a meeting room, he was "obliged" to take an Airplane, not to Kiev,, but..... to Istanbul, in Turkey !

=> Nice choice of Destination : Because he arrived to Turkey precisely at the eve of the .. 4Oth Anniversary of EU Member Country Cyprus' Turkish Military Invasion/Occupation of 1974-2014, having an excellent opportunity to learn what it really means to face a Foreign Army Invasion, entering with Deadly Violence inside another, Independent Country, brutaly chassing away the Majority of its ancestral, lawful Inhabitants and "changing" its Population by a Massive and Systematic import of Foreign Settlers coming from the  Occupying State, making more than 1.650 Persons from its Population to go "MISSING",, and transforming 190.000 others into Refugees (20% of the invaded Country's Total Population!), obliged to Flee Violence, and Hindered to Return back to their Family Homes and Ancestral Land, despite ECHR's judgements asserting their Human Rights to do so, while UN SC Resolutions calling to withdraw Foreign Troops are simply ignored, and the UN SG engaged in Diplomatic efforts to solve the Political issue, find an Agreement and reUnify the Country, vainly for 40 Years...

If anyone really wants to make respect UNO's principles, (about "Territorial Integrity" of States etc),  he should, obviously, do so in all relevant cases, without "cherry-picking" only those which might coincide with his interests at a precise moment only, while droping all other ...
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