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Author Topic: Egypt: Alsissi wins popular Vote  (Read 3450 times)
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« on: January 18, 2014, 11:04:15 PM »

Pro-European Egyptian President A. F. Alsissi, apparently Won the Voting Challenge which opposed him to the Extremist Islamist former President Morsi, since the Draft Constitution that he supported got some 98% out of the 39 % Voters who participated to the Referendum, i.e. clearly more than the 32 % only who had taken part in Morsi's Islamist Draft Bill several Years ago.

If some 40% of Voters support A. F. Alsissi, compared to nearly 30% for Morsi, it seems, nevertheless, that a thin Majority of Egyptian People sill prefers to stay out of the current political conflict, waiting for better days and/or to be convinced about real intentions.

At any case, it would certainly be a pitty if the proud Country of the Historic Civilisation of the Egyptian Pharaons, with their over-Millenary Kingdoms, majestic Ancient Cities deep on the Nile River up to the World wonders of the Pyramids, etc., up to the famous Alexandria's Library, etc.,  were condemned to fall again down to a level of obscurantism, oppression and manipulation, remnant of the former Othoman-Turk  Military Invasions/Occupations which notoriously Destroyed even the subsequent Arab Civilisation and threw the area to a too long under-development and subordination, from which its People aspires to get Free and create a new Renaissance of a Modern Egyptian Civilisation, with an important Development Potential, given also the GeoPolitical role of Suez Channel and the recently growing Oil/Gas discoveries at the Seaside facing Nile's Delta.

* Egypt Voters.jpg (69.11 KB, 638x399 - viewed 560 times.)

* Egypt Vote Const,.gif (130.43 KB, 638x400 - viewed 594 times.)
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