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Author Topic: URGENT: New Pope Francis +Pope-Emeritus Benedict to cooperate on crucial issues?  (Read 4971 times)
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« on: March 23, 2013, 12:22:39 PM »

URGENT: New Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict to cooperate on crucial issues ?!

In brief, because of the URGENCY, (given also the forthcoming official Meeting between our New Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict) :

(Hasty Note)

All People sincerely wishing to get actively involved into -and/or cooperate with -  the Christian Catholic Church, would certainly be Glad, and greatly benefit, if New Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict decided to work together at least on certain, well chosen fields of topical interest, of particular importance to all Humankind,

Francis, our New Pope, seems to have already chosen among his Priorities also to work close to Poor People, for a more Democratic World with less Bureaucracy, while also supporting Moral Values (including natural Family, etc), and Human Ecology.

It's also true, however, that many sincere and conscious People anxiously pray, still waiting and hoping for our New Pope Francis to find the soonest possible an opportunity to clearly express his views and intentions about certain topically Crucial points, as whether he includes, in the expressed Need to Protect the Natural Creation, also the Human Embryo, particularly against Artificial Interventions risking to seriously violate Human Dignity of Persons and/or Societies emanating from that, (f.ex. via Genetic Manipulations, etc), as well as, more largely, the conscious, genuine Freedom of the entire Human Personality in general, until Natural Death, given the exceptionally important Issues at stake raised Today in these areas by Modern Technologies able to affect all Humankind even in irreversible ways.

Several among those points are of welll-known interest also for Benedict, our Pope-Emeritus, who has already expressed his sincere wish, while withdrawing from his overall past duties, to be able to still work, in another way, but with all his forces, for the general good of the Church and of all Humanity.

Many recent Events which have attracted a wide interest in the Media worldwide, as well as growing Popular Movements in various key Countries accross the Continents and topical issues, clearly indicate that :

a) The new Pope Francis would find useful practical informations to help him Succeed in a Fight to overcome Bureaucracy, by discussing relevant issues with Pope-Emeritus Benedict, between them, in free, safe and confidential exchanges of views and informations.

b) Most important : If both wish so, Pope-Emeritus Benedict could still contribute into further developing particularly the topical issue of "Human Ecology", on which he has worked from the Start of his April 2005 Election up to his February 2013 withdrawal, in the middle of various on-going Popular Movements and Debates about exceptionaly important issues of topical interest for all Humankind.

This could be done in adequately useful ways, f.ex., both in Meditation and interaction with sincerely interested and honest People and/or the Society at large, including even persons of differend confessions, of other Religions, or even Non-Believers, (as he had f.ex. recently started to suggest, also in real practice,  f.ex. with his 2011 speech at the German Bundestag in Berlin, and/or by the extension of the Pontifical Committee for Culture, to include also the "Gentiles", etc. starting from 2012 in Paris, etc), resulting in a Wider outreach among the People, often easier to realize as a simple, recognized Writer, eminent Speaker, etc., than as an officially acting Pope.

As for the particularly topical and "Hot" issue of the obviously Urgent Need to protect the Moral Values of Natural Family, dangerously fragilized and even threatened Today, both in Europe and in America, etc., probably the Best (as well as normal and logical) would be that they both act Together, each one contributing to the Common Struggle with his specific input : New Pope Francis as a fully-fledged, Acting Religious Leader, responsible for all the Church, and Pope-Emeritus Benedict as an eminent Moral and/or Intellectual Personality, easier to engage in selected Wider Dialogues.

At any case, one thing is certain : In the on-going Fight for such Moral Issues of exceptional importance in Today's Societies for the Future of all Humankind, we all naturally need the full Energy, Interest and Action of both our New Pope Francis and Pope-Emeritus Benedict, as well as of that of many other sincere and honest, motivated an able Persons, simply because the Fight is Hard and the Stakes very High...

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