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Author Topic: If German Greens revitalize, restore + renew their Historic Human Ecology values  (Read 18695 times)
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« on: October 09, 2013, 10:38:52 AM »

A new Government Coalition in Germany, for the 1st time with Christiandemocrats and "Greens" together, (as in Hambourg, etc., recently),  depends mainly on a ReVitalization of "Greens", if they restore + renew their Historic "Human Ecology" Values in the Modern World,  (while also droping opportunists/corrupted chieflets of "Joshka"-Trittin/Ozdemir-Scharping-Hunzinger(etc) pro-"Socialist" Past, rejected by the People) : 

The moment scheduled for the start of Christiandemocrat/"Green" Talks for a New Government Coalition, approached Now.

Apparently, Chancelor Angie Merkel, who likes Symbols, clearly indicates, also by keeping for many Days her "Deep Green" jacket, that she had chosen to wear immediately after her latest Electoral Win, and even by accepting to be anew Photographed with that for her official Podcast, in front of a Background image full of Natural Green Trees, etc., that

 she probably keeps still Open "a Window of Opportunity" for a possible ChristianDemocrats/Greens brand New Governemental Coalition,

but on condition that it concerns real and sincere Ecology and Human Values-driven "Greens" revitalize their main Agenda, also by renewing their lost links with the Historic "Green" Movement Tradition which includes also "Human Ecology" values, f.ex. BioEthics (issues of growing importance recently), Family, Education, as well as Europe, etc., in addition to RES.

Some politicians' infamous Opportunism, Cynical Deviations which had practically eradicated inside the Party its Traditional Values on BioEthics, Cultural/Educational Integration, Openess/Democracy/Trasparency, etc., and eliminated several former "Green" Representatives of great Human and Intellectual Value, by imposing certain "Chieflets" and their Cronies, sometimes tele-guided from outside, cynical Clientelism and/or "Multi-Culti" Communautarism of Socio-Cultural "AppartHeid", in certain cases even Corruption and too much links of servile subordination to "Socialists" etc., particularly during the late period of "Joshka", Ozdemir, Trintin, and Cie, who vainly attented recently to hide themselves behind Katrin Goering, while grossly sabotaging and Manipulating her even from far away, through their party bureaucratic cronies, pushing her and others to serious Blunders that the German People has just punished, must be clearly rejected, opening really New Horizons to those Honest and Able, new and old, authentic German "Green" Movement People who remain Faithful to its Historic Founding Principles and Values, while also wishing to revitalize and renovate them in the Modern World.

In addition to popular Baden-Wurtemberg's President Winfried Kretschmann, various other People could emerge and usefuly contribute to a Good, Innovative and Solid Christiandemocrat/Green New Government Coalition, such as, f.ex.,  experienced former "Green" MEP Hiltrud Breyer and new MEP Gerald Hafner, Tubingen's Mayor Boris Palmer, Bavaria's "Green" leader Anton Hofreiter (recently promoted at the National Leadership), Berlin's young representative Volker Retzmann, (etc), even Katrin Göring-Eckardt (on the condition that she really Frees herself from any more negative External manipulation by Ozdemir/Trintin, servile "Socialo" opportunists, who carry heavy Scandals from the Past+).

 (Comp., f.ex. : )

That's the only Way to really Advance Forward, in the Present Times and in the Future.

Whoever Misses the present Historic Chance, that German People gave spontaneously, would bear Heavy Responsibilities.

* Angie Merkel in deep Green, the 5th of October 2013.png (447.79 KB, 966x486 - viewed 1749 times.)
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