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Author Topic: Opposition fined 11 Millions € in France !....  (Read 4198 times)
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« on: July 05, 2013, 04:42:39 PM »

Main Opposition party UMP was fined more than 11 Millions € by French State institutions, in a controversial move to exceptionally deprive it from any reimbursement of the 2012 Presidential Electoral campaign's expenditure !

The pretext was reportedly a claim about only one public meeting, just before the official start of the Electoral campaign, among many in which former President Nicolas Sarkozy had spoken, which represented less than ...2,1% of the total sum, but was astonishingly exploited, in an obviously, entirely DisProportionate way, in order to deny all 100% of the reimbursement normaly due..

Something which is absolutely without any precedent in the History of the country.

After such terrifying moves (suprisingly added to many others, recently, including against Demonstrators' Human Rights, Politicians targetted and harassed by some judges, certain Dissidents threatened to be expulsed even from their Family home, some Journalists fired or threatened, etc), .... "God Save Democracy" in France !

What's really going on ? Who is the real responsible for all these recent Worrying facts, never seen before during Decades ? Which dark Network of selfish Lobbies manipulates some inside the current French State, obviously pushing them towards more and more Sly Traps, and who shall pay the heavy price, in People's and History's judgement, for all that trash ?
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