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Author Topic: Greece: Majority of People (53%) for firing Civil Servants from Public Sector  (Read 5156 times)
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« on: October 24, 2012, 07:39:37 PM »

Greece: Majority 53% to fire Civil Servants from the Public Sector. 49% for Prime Minister Samaras. 3rd Party Golden Dawn (10%). PASOK down to 6%


At the most crucial moment of negotiations with the EU/ECB/IMF "Troika", just after the recent EU Summit in Brussels, for the 1st time, a crystal-clear, Absolute Majority of 53% Greek People stands in favor of Firing at least some among the notoriously cashy job holders in the disprortionately big Public sector (compared to the country's hardly hit private Productive Businesses, Poor People, etc), in order to reduce the Public Deficit and become able to pay off the Debt of the past 30 years.

Only a Minority of some 44% still oppose this move, in fact the most Urgent of all, given that, otherwise, the comparatively excessive number of civil servants in the public sector of Greece, notoriously appointed by former Clientelist/Nepotist Governments of the past, (particularly of PASOK), would continue to be "trapped", each year, by annual Budgets' "structural deficit"...

Obviously, the absolute majority of citizens in favor of firing overnumerary cushy job holders in the Public Sector (See abobe); would be even Greater, if the question was focused only to those who are also "counter-productive", and/or are involved in widespread Corruption and/or other Crimes, during the crucial past 30 years (1980-2010) which provoked that huge debt, (as Eurofora and others had initially observed), joining economic efficiency together with social and moral justice....

Meanwhile, new Greek Prime Minister Samaras' support among the People, as No 1 politician able to lead the country, reached a 49 % High, i.e. more than double of that for opposition leader Tsipras (who has only 23 %).

The formerly (since the 1980ies)  frequently governing "Socialist" party of PASOK fell even lower, with only 6%, all other traditional parties falling below 5%, while, on the contrary, the new parties of "Independent Greeks" (center-Right) stay at 5,5%, and the rightist "Golden Dawn" grows anew, reaching almost 10 %, and becoming "the 3rd Party" in this EU Member country which is also the Historic cradle of Democracy !

+ In addition, at the same time, it's not only the center-Right "New Democracy" governing arty (at the top of a coalition including center-left DHMAR and what is left of PASOK, who notoriously put a brake against necessary structural reforms, preferring to squeeze the productive private Businesses, aggravating the Recession, and even to put a heavy burden over Poor People, threatened even to have their electricity cut if they can't afford to pay more taxes for a small flat belonging to their family after generations of work, economies, and tax-paying for many decades, etc., as a recent example of an old widow with an unemployed son, scandalized the public opinion), but also the World-Famous, American leftist political Philosoher Tsomski, who reportedly denounced the fact that modern "Greece's internal problems" are "those Rich who don't pay taxes" but mainly "the useless and wrong-doing Bureaucracy"....
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