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Author Topic: Italy:+216 MPs for 0,3% of Votes more ! AntiDemocratic +Unprecedented in History  (Read 4544 times)
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« on: February 26, 2013, 09:53:57 PM »

For the 1st time in the History of Italy, an obviously Anti-Democratic System, gives + 216 MPs more to a so-called "Center-LEFT" coalition, for having only ... 0,3% more Votes than the "Center-RIGHT" coalition !

Facts are crystal-clear : Indeed, a "center-Left" coalition led by Mr. Bersani reportedly got just 29,54% of Votes, compared to 29,16% for a "center-Right" coalition led by former Prime Minister Berlusconi, i.e. with a Tiny, Marginal pseudo-"Difference" of only ... 0,38%...

Nevertheless, an obviously UnDemocratic System, set up recently, asks to add to that "center-LEFT" grouping + 216 (TWO HUNDREDS SIXTEEN !) more MPs in the Parliament, only for that Small, marginal, Tiny pseudo-"Difference" of merely + 0,3% in Votes !

Both coalitions got around 10 Millions Citizens' Votes each, (approximatively 10.050.000 against 9.930.000). Yet, the "center-LEFT" is given by that astonishing System ... 340 MPs in Parliament, while the "center-RIGHT" is given only 124 MPs there, (i.e.  - 216 MPs less)...

That is to say, while the "center-LEFT" needs only about 29 Thousands of Citizens' Votes in order to have a MP in the Parliament, on the contrary, the "center-RIGHT" is asked now to have more than ...80 Thousands of Citizens' Votes (i.e. almost + 300 % more !!!)

And Mr. Bersani (of that "center-LEFT") hasN't done Nothing important in these Elections that might eventually deserve such a blatantly Unequal and Undemocratic treatment :

- On the contrary, his own Party has been .. outnumbered and bypassed even by former Comic Beppe Grillo's "Five Stars Movement" of Citizens, since "PD" got only 25,42% of Citizens' Votes, while Beppe Grillo's "M5S" got more : 25,55% Votes, representing some + 45.000 Citizens more, having become the 1st, most Popular Party in the Italian Parliament !..

Such scandaloUS Inequalities are spread almost Everywhere, accross the lines of this Bureaucratic 2013 Electoral System, (Never seen before in Italy's History !) :

F.ex. :

- Inside both the "center-LEFT" and the "center-RIGHT" Coaltions, there is also another Party which has got almost 1 Million Votes each : "Sinistra Ecologia Liberta" at the "Left", and "Lega Nord" at the "Right" side. Nevertheless, at the "Left", this gets up to 37 MPs, while at the "Right" it only 18 MPs, (i.e. Less than the Half !)...

- The New Party "Fratelli d' Italia", part of the "center-RIGHT" Coalition, succeeded to reach more than + 666.000 Votes, but gets only 9 MPs, i.e. Near to the 6 MPs of the "center-LEFT" Party "CD", which didn't get but only some 167.00 Votes, (i.e. - 450 % less) !

- The Party "Destra" ("Droite") managed to win almost 220.000 Votes, but wasn't given not even 1 (one) MP, remaining without any representation at all, while, on the Contrary, at the same time, the "CD" Party of the "center-LEFT" coalition was given 6 MPs with only some 167.000 Votes (i.e. - 53.000 Less Votes than the "Right" ! : See above), and its partner, the "SVP" Party was given 5 MPs with even Less Votes : only about 146.000, (i.e.  - 74.000 Votes Less than the "Right" party)....

+ Similarly, Mario Monti's centrist "Scelta Civica" Party, with nearly 3 Millions Votes, is given only 37 MPs, .. i.e. precisely as many as the "center-LEFT" coalition's "Sinistra-Ecologia-Liberta" Party, which got only 1 Million Votes, (i.e. - 2/3 Less) !

Also "Futuro e Liberta" party, always of Monti's coalition, with some 160.000 Citizens' Votes isN't given any MP at all ("0"), while, on the Contary, "center-LEFT" coalition's "SVP" Party, is given 5 MPs, even if it has Less Votes : Only about 146.000 (i.e. - 14.000 Votes Less than the Monti-coalition party "Futuro e Liberta")...
++ New Citizens' "Movement of 5 Stars", created by popular Artist Piero Grillo, succeeded to become Italy's "First Party", winning 25,55 % of Votes, but was given only 108 MPs,
while, on the contrary, "center-LEFT" coalition's "Partito Democratico" (ex-Communist + ex-Socialist) party of Luigi Bersani, even by getting Less Votes (only 25,42 %, i.e. about - 45.000 Citizens' Votes Less than Grillo), nevertheless, it is given Much More MPs : up to 292, (i.e. almost Multiplied in Triple : X 300 % more) !!!...
=> In consequence, by Abusing of such Disproportionately big Anti-Democratic Deformations   of People's will, that 2013 Bureaucratic System threatens now to take a small Minority of only 29% of Voters, (that of the "center-LEFT" coalition"), and give to it, by obviously Artificial Manouvers, a ... large make-shift Majority of MPs in the Italian Parliament : 340 !

Indeed, the 2013 System threatens to impose something never seen before in Italy's History (not even in that of most Other Countries in Europe and across the whole World, at least No in such a big Disproportion), where, on the contrary, f.ex. at the previous Elections, f.ex. back on April 2008, a similar "center-LEFT" coalition, had managed to get clearly More Votes than now : almost 38% (i.e. almost + 10% Votes More !), but, nevertheless, hadn't received but just 239 MPs, remaining a Minority.

And in order to obtain such a huge number of MPs as the 340 given now to the "center-LEFT", on the contrary, the "center-RIGHT" coalition had to succeed to attract Much More Citizens' Votes, at the Previous, April 2008 Elections, with almost 47 %, (i.e. about + 20 % more Votes in Addition) !!..

=> All these astonishingly Converging FACTS, inevitably raise a Crucial Question :
>>> Who, and Why does he/she need to Manipulate and Alter so grossly Today Italy's Electoral System in order to Urgently impose a blatantly Small Minority of a notoriously Opportunistic, so-called pseudo-"Left", as if it was a so-called "Majority" to Rule over the Heads of the People ?

It doesn't seem to be only the Economic Crisis : It was already there since 2008, and it's certainly Not a "center-LEFT" coalition which might govern by making more Economies and Austerity than the Centrist Monti, (or even than the "center-RIGHT") !

===>>> Or is there, perhaps, a kind of HIDDEN AGENDA, for some Obscure Lobbies perhaps currently attempting (in Italy and elsewhere) to Impose some SECRET STAKES' Dark Interests over EU Citizens' Democratically expressed political Will ?

All indicates that European People will soon have to find out. But, meanwhile, what is important is not to be surprised unprepared.

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